May 18, 2019

I made an app to collect leads from Facebook Page's inbox & comments

Kevin Castro @Demoonkevin

Hi guys! I'm Kevin, founder of Kollect (, a web app to collect emails and phone numbers from inbox and comments on Facebook.

As I wrote on the app timeline (, the idea came in early 2017, when after running a successfully Facebook Ads campaign that generated thousand of people asking by inbox and comments to be contacted (and sending their emails and phones), my boss told me to collect all that info and send it to the sales team 😅

We are currently on the private beta stage, and have almost a hundred digital agencies from all latam. And now I'm launching this private beta here on Indie Hackers, inviting you to our private beta, where we are giving full access accounts. If you are interested on trying Kollect, let me know, and all the feedback is welcome!!!

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    Hey Kevin, I'm checking out your landing page and it looks great so far. I love the concept and I think this can go far depending on how it's integrated with Facebook.

    Couple of notes:

    1. It should be "How does Kollect work?" (no 's' for works)
    2. I can't click on the video next to that paragraph. Is that intentional?
    3. I think it would be great if you could specify that this is for Facebook pages. When I first landed on the page I wasn't sure if it was for all social media or for Facebook until I got down to the pricing section.
    4. At the bottom it says "Wand to try it?" -> should say "Want to try it?"

    Good luck! I'll be following your progress for sure

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      Thanks Jerry, we really appreciate your feedback :) I haven't noticed that it isn't clear that Kollect works with Facebook pages since the beginning of the landing page, maybe because when we started coding Kollect we thought about integrate with other social media platforms (but that will not happen in at least a few months).

      By the way, we will launch Kollect 1.0, open for everyone, here and on ProductHunt in a few weeks, will let you know! :D

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    Is this GDPR friendly? I'd personally be concerned about this/data/privacy/etc. Anything that collects emails without permission is something to be very careful of.

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      Yes! We follow GDPR guidelines carefully, as you can see here:

      Also, our app doesn't "scrape" those emails and phones from unknown sources (like other apps, that even collect info from illegal databases), is the user itself who send its info voluntarily to the Facebook Page, and only the Facebook admin can access to that info (as he/she can do it by copying/pasting it from inbox and comments). Think it like a way to order/classify incoming inboxes/comments into a table.

      All the data is stored in Google CloudSQL, which is one of the most reliables services to store info (and is also GDPR friendly) :)