Gumroad November 1, 2020

I made GumHunt only for GumRoad products hunting 🥳

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    Clicking ADD NEW LINK opens a page listing the requirements for joining GumHunt. But the modal signup/login dialog hides the most important content, can't be moved, and can't be dismissed without quitting the page. I haven't found the requirements anywhere else on the site.

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      The requirements are not for joining GumHunt it's for link sharing...
      You can Sign up and then visit the add new link page..
      And paste your product link....
      Don't manually add just copy and paste... Then your submission will be published.

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        Still, it's a bad UX. I also wanted to see what are the conditions before signing up for an account.

        Other than that, it's a great idea! 👍

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    Awesome, I'll add mine!

    (That's a clever business model!)

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    Great idea, though as a designer I think your post title typeface can be improved. Your current typeface is really meant for headlines. I would suggest using Roboto (your body text typeface) as your post titles. It will be a lot easier to read.

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      I will implement this today thanks @goo6

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    Nice idea!

    I've added Doka Image Editor. For a moment there it seemed like it crashed on "Processing page meta data..." it got out of that state after a minute or so.

    Having clicked around a bit. I feel the newsletter is promoted too aggressively.

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      You need to paste the link in the box

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    I really like that idea!

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    That's hilarious, and brilliant. What an awesome domain name too!

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      Thanks for the appreciation I wait 1 month for this domain....

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    Hey @theXspidy

    I really like the idea of this, since just couple of days ago I was kind of annoyed browsing Gumroad's discovery page to find new products. So, kudos to you for working on that.

    During browsing your site, I found some UI/UX flaws so I quickly gathered some feedback for you:

    • In the navbar top-left it seems like there is a placeholder image where your logo should be.
    • I would definitely highlight the categories on top under the navbar more. Or maybe add another element to the navbar with a dropdown to display the categories.
    • The voting system UI is also a little bit messy. The user clicks on the upvote button on the left and gets the voting number displayed, above the product name, the user gets the upvote number displayed again, with an icon which implies that there are also downvotes (since it is one arrow up and one down). I do not think you need both. What was your intention of displaying the upvote number twice?
    • If a product is uncategorized I would simply not display anything, instead of writing uncategorized.
    • Regarding the categories displayed together with the product listing I would make them a little bit more prominent compared to the product name; maybe a different colour or a different font, because currently everything is set in the same colour and the same font (not typeface, but font) and it just differs through sizing.

    Anyways, great and solid product, which is really helpful, keep at it, curious to see how you will evolve the product! ✨

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      Thanks for detailed feedback..
      I will work on that..
      Well i also got the idea from Gumroad discover...
      Thanks again 👍

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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