Growth July 3, 2020

I made how-to video for $0 this way. What is your method?

exdeve @exdeve

Hi Hackers!
As we all know, how-to videos increases conversion and activation on your website. Your users know what they can do with your product before they sign up and they quicker set up their account to solve their problem.

Yesterday, I have decided to make my own video to boost my product.

I have used:
👉 quick time player -> to record my screen
👉 -> to make pictures with subtitles that lands in my video
👉 -> theme sounds for free
👉 iMovie -> joined it all together

This is the result:

It is not perfect but it is something. And I want to do better.

Do you know any other methods for making how-to videos?

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    Very nice! I definitely get what your tool does after watching that video and it only took 1:16. One little feedback is it's a bit fast? Perhaps that's okay because the goal isn't to show "how to do it" but "what it does". And it definitely did that.

    I'm actually working on a hybrid motivator/explainer video myself. Using iMovie at the moment but wanted to try out fellow hacker's @photawe tool as it looks way more convenient, albeit being on Windows so I had to find my Surface book.

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      Thanks for replay! I will definitely check this app out! :)

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      Thanks for the shout out :)

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    Very youtube-tutorial-ey but not too bad for a beginner (probably better than I can do so don't take this to heart). How long did it take you?

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      Thanks for good words!
      It took me about 5 hours, so not too long. Do you have any ideas how can I do better?

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        That is a LOT. Using, you should be able to do in 10 minutes or so (it's Windows 10 only for now) -- after you've grabbed the screenshots.

        Granted, we have a few limitations, but we're overcoming them. One thing you'll definitely love (I should have it within 1-1.5 weeks) will be the ability to "Epic Focus" - which is the equivalent of "Pan & Zoom", but with some dramatic effects.

        In case you're interested, please drop me an email, and we can work together to see if there's something you need and I don't yet have it - and figure a way to move forward.

        Another idea - once I have the "Epic Focus" - if you send me your screenshot videos, I could have my videos guy create a video for you, see what we come up with.

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          Yea, the screenshots was the longest part I think. Thanks for the app suggestion. Unfortunately, Windows is a limitation, but I will try to deal with that. I am doing a research about apps that help with making videos, so if I choose your app, I will get back to you.

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            Hi, it's a long long story why I chose Windows for the initial version.
            Anyway, good luck with your search, either way.