I need a project to work on

Hey Indie Hacker Community,

I am a college student and I have been stuck in tutorial hell for way too long. I am looking to find a project that I can work on. Obviously I am going to work for free since I am still learning and still attending university. I do not have much on hands experience but with a little guidance, I can maneuver through React and currently working on React Native.

I am looking for someone who is working on something serious and also someone who can be like a mentor to me as I try to dip my feet into this pool of startups and boot-straping. I am willing to do any type of work as long as you are willing to teach me how to do it. Please only serious inquires only.

Thank you.

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    Hey! I would love to talk to you about joining my early stage startup! We have just started and are looking to find a technical co-founder :)
    ✌🏾We have a revolutionary model we are building for PERSONAL DATA and empowering the world's population.

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    HI Lijemmu have you heard of www.treetable.org/hardwood ? If you're interested it would be great to talk further on telegram @terexitarius.

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    DM me, I have projects on the creater community space with loads of frontend work. I'm a backend developer and can guide you with general development. Contact in profile.

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    I'm working on a language learning project. I'm working on Django and need to develop the frontend of the app, and later on a mobile app, for whicn React Native would be a good option. Let me know if you may be interested.

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    What is your tech stack?

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    Hi! I’m the founder of duuce.com marketplace for buying/selling newsletters. Let’s connect over Twitter.com/jonastwt

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    Hi lijemmu.

    It would be great to see any work that you may have done already, however basic as it may be. I'm building an online booking platform that enables chefs to build a restaurant within their own home and turn their passion for food into a business..Think Airbnb for food....

    I work a hyper growth start up (which I can't drop in here) in fintech in London and specialise in growth specifically. Happy to teach you and mentor you up if you're looking to get into the crazy world of start-ups.


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      @Earlybird sounds like a good idea. I’m also keen to get some more experience. Feel free to reach out. I’m also based in London.

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        Let's connect and chat. DM me

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    Hi lijemmu,

    Do you have links to any code you've written on your own before? Giving folks a way to take a look at your work will help them understand if you would be a good fit.

    I know sharing links can be a vulnerable feeling, especially when you're just starting out, but there are great partnering matches for everyone out there.

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    Hi lijemmu,

    Uclusion is working towards a PH launch in 5 or 6 weeks. For the back end we have pretty serious integration tests. For the front end testing is much harder as one has to consider usability.

    Existing users will tend to use the product a certain way and so are limited in the bugs they can generate (for instance they won't see onboarding changes). You can see our front end code base here - large enough to make this a real challenge.

    My proposal is this: you search for bugs and when you find them I'll teach you how to fix them.

    Thank you,

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