Landing Page Feedback September 28, 2020

I need feedback on my landing page

cri @cridev

Hello all,

working on the landing page for

Decent is an ad-free, privacy-first Twitter reading experience

I want to see if it sparks some interest and if it's an idea worth pursuing.

Cheers IndieHackers,

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    Hi Cri!

    My first suggestion is removing those black background for the text. It is leading away the attention from your call to action button which should be more eye catching. I think the images are kind of mysterious. I like the why section it is clear, short and to the point.

    Your main goal here is to capture emails and make people join the waiting list, so you can contact them later on. So again my biggest recommendation is fixing the CTA on the upper part of the landing page. The value propostion is very clear to me, you made a very interesting product!

    1. 2

      Thanks for the suggestions! Removed the heavy background from the copy, and made the CTA more prominent

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    Looks nice!

    I think the "Get started now" button should also be blue to match the CTA at the bottom, also gets a higher visual prominence since almost everything else is black/white.

    I'll also like to see some info about the pricing or business model. Is it free? Freemium? One time fee? Subscription?
    I couldn't find anything about that on the page.

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      Good points, thanks!

      It will be a paid product, most likely subscription based.
      Will work on this and add more information about the Pricing, definitely!

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