Twitter January 18, 2021

I need some feedback on my bio!

Jim Zarkadas @jimzarkadas

Hello all!

I am trying to improve my bio and explain what’s my main value proposition, and I would like your honest feedback and thoughts!

My value proposition:

  • I create UX courses for indie makers but I am not the typical online “teacher”. I create practical educational content by sharing what I use. I never share non-practical abstract design advice.
  • I am 50% teacher 50% practitioner. I primarily help others grow their product with UX, I build my own SaaS and then I share my knowledge through my UX courses.
  • I am an engineer and designer - I know what it takes for an indie developer to think about UX and the mental shift that is needed there.

My bio:
“ designer & developer tweeting about practical UX 👨‍💻 50% building my SaaS in public 🧠 50% helping indie makers grow with UX courses & 1-1 coaching”

What do you think?

  1. 4

    How about:

    "Full stack developer building in public. Learn from my experience building a successful SaaS. 1 on 1 coaching available"

  2. 3

    Hello again Jim,

    I like your bio, but here are my two cents:
    "developer turned designer "
    Capitalize first letter, and expand, I find it interesting to learn why.

    "tweeting about practical UX"
    I would dismiss this part in favour of the above one, unless you can find an interesting angle to it.

    "50% building my SaaS in public"
    "50% helping indie makers grow with UX courses & 1-1 coaching"
    I would combine this two, something like: UX coach for IndieHackers building {insert URL, name or mention} :)

    See you on Wednesday!

    1. 1

      Good points thanks for the feedback!

  3. 2

    Love that you split the 50% points. I wouldn't try to merge them. However, I'd consider starting with the courses/coaching as that might be your main selling point. However, mentioning them second might come across as less salesy. Overall, I'd probably still mention the courses/coaching first.

    Besides, I want to mention that I find the bio more informative than the wordy value proposition above.

    From the first bullet point, it wasn't clear to me how exactly you are going to be different from other teachers. The explanation was quite abstract.

    Second, "practitioner" is a word where I'm not sure if all people will understand what you mean. The word is too complicated in my opinion. Can you find an easier one?

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