August 4, 2019

I need to talk to Product Owners, Product Managers and CTO's... is that you? Can you spare 5-10mins for me?

Colin Winhall @cwinhall

I'm currently validating an idea for a productized service. So far so good from within my own network but I of course would like to validate this outside of my own network.

I would greatly appreciate your time and if you are interested in the service, I will be sure to give a discount to you when it is launched!

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    CTO, happy to help.

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      Followed you on Twitter and will DM you there when I can :-)

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    Currently working as a PO, hit me up 👍🏼

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      Hi Chip, how can I reach out to you? Email? Twitter?

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        So sorry, somehow missed the emails I should have gotten from IH - twitter @cderm ;)

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    Hey, CTO here, more than happy to answer your questions - drop me an e-mail!

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      Hi Matt, sent you an email. Thanks!

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    CTO, let me know how I can help!

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      Hi Jan, I DM'ed you on Twitter. Thanks!

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    CTO, send me an email happy to help.

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      Hi Sean, I sent you an email! Thanks!

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    Former PM here, happy to answer your questions.

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      Thanks! Where can I contact you? You don't have any info on your profile here on IH to reach you :-)

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        yug[at]spacenos dot com

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          Email sent! :-)

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    Quick tip...

    Ask your product owner, PM and CTO friends to introduce you to some. A warm intro is exactly what you need for this.

    Bonus tip...

    Check out their Twitter/LinkedIn connections and suggest a few people you think might be a good fit. That way, it's super easy for them to connect you.

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      Thanks for the tips. Already set this ball in motion today too.

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    Hi Colin!

    I'm former Product Owner at job board marketplace. Happy to answer any questions you have.

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      Thanks, I sent you an email :-)

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      Hi Julia,

      I run a recruitment software. It's interesting to know you have worked in the hiring space. I would like to have a chat. Do you mind?

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        Sure! Feel free to message me.