March 12, 2019

I need your thoughts on the idea

Daniel Matterhorn @Daniel_

The idea is to build a food delivery service. There are pizza, burgers, sushi, etc. among what a client can choose and customize, for example choose Pepperoni pizza, select size, dough type and so on. Than client select payment method and address and wait for the for it. In other word it is quite usual food delivery service from the client point of view. The service actually send order(s) to one of local buisiness, which is preparing and delivering the item(s). The service send orders to such businesses which have in thier 'menu' items specificaly corresponds what user just ordered. It is not innovate, sure, similar model is used by Amazon (you order an item there and some online store will actually deliver it to you), or Yandex market, where you can add products to the basket and than Yandex will send actual orders to the actual stores and so on. My personal interest is to build a very good website / app / service with nice and convenient experience.

What do you think about this idea? I would rather to hear how to make it works (maybe your personal experience) than why it is not going to work :) but all thoughts are very appriciated.

P.S. also, if you by the way is interesting to take a part in that possible campain, let me know

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    yea its called just eat

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      yeah, or Deliveroo etc. I get that Daniel's post is a tiny bit different from those models, but not in a way that's really a solid differentiator

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    I imagine that Amazon stores have exactly the same product (don't know Yandex) and that's why it's working.
    While in the food industry, two Pepperoni Pizza can have two different taste/quality.
    I personally want to be able to choose the pizza "brand" I will eat.
    Just my point of view, hope it helps

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    The idea is great but it's not new at all. Skipthedishes, doordash and many others are already in the game... and they have great websites to track the delivery.

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    If the idea is 'push a button to get a cheese pizza' it will fail.

    Primarily because there are so many different cheese pizzas, and I care a LOT about which one I get.

    I wouldn't eat a Little Caesars pizza (just not for me), Costco would be good, Pizzeria 712 (top pizza in my area) would be awesome.

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      If all cheese pizzas were identical, or very similar could work.

      That is why Uber works. Getting from point A, to point B is pretty similar. I don't really care which driver I get.

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