I open-sourced Remotebear, a remote jobs aggregator

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    Hello Junior Dev here, I think what you have made is pretty cool. Could you explain why you don't think this would scale well?

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      Hello hello!
      The main reason I'd say it wouldn't scale well (from the technical standpoint) is that we're just storing all the data in a giant JSON file — normally for keeping track of data you'd use a database, which would allow you to index your data (to search/get it more efficiently) and would offer many helpful tools/features to improve the consistency of the stored info.
      In our case using a big JSON file is more than enough for now, but the more data we add to it, the more we need to think about how to migrate it to a more solid pattern. Let me know if it makes sense and/or if you want me to expand a bit more on my decision-making for the storage/data side.

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        ahh I see, yeah that makes a lot of sense, thank you.

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    Really cool! Starred ⭐️

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    Love this! Did you ever consider monetizing this?

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      Thank you! :)
      I worked on this as a side project in my free time, and making money out of it wasn't my priority... but yeah I did think about possible monetization strategies. As of today though, it's definitely not ready for any possible monetization option (at least traffic-wise).

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    Almost a month ago I shipped remotebear.io — with no intention to monetize it.
    Since I've been asked a few times about how it works and how it was built, I recently decided to open-source it.
    You can find Remotebear's source-code on GitHub.
    I'm open to questions and feedback :)

    Previous discussion here.

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      between State Site Generation and Server Side Rendering


      And it has a weird link on that text

      Edit: Should actually be "client side"?

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        Thank you, I updated it, it's "Static Site Generation" (SSG).

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      Facepalm at per company heuristics

      But otherwise cool will give it a better look and possibly PR something (non specific) tomorrow with some laptop time if I don't forget
      I've used it and like it and would like to see this keep going

      Is there something specific you wish ppl had a crack at?

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        Yeah, the per-company configuration sucks, but there's no other way to normalize the data given that everyone uses a different approach. We still have some sane defaults, so in most of the cases (I'd say 80%) the per-company configuration is just ~10 lines long.
        Not really — the main reason I open-sourced it is to share the source-code with other people planning to work on similar projects.

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    Have you considered Adsense? Are you waiting until the traffic increases or something?

    I'm not saying this is the situation with your site but whenever I see a site that has no way to make money, you can't help but to think that there is something questionable going on like either my data is being harvested and sold or there is some sort of program or cookie being secretly implanted on my computer.

    If the site is useful, ads don't bother me. I think ads might actually help to build trust.

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