I posted some on the board of community sites. What should I do now?

I recently launched MVP(https://learnobit.com, it's like Anki + workflowy).
So I posted some texts on the board. And now I don't know what to do anymore! If I don't think it's time to spend money on marketing, what can I do now? If I keep posting on the boards, I will only be treated as spam.

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    Congrats on launching LearnObit! Sharing with friends who use Anki. What did you mean by "I posted some on the board of community sites"? Which board on what site?

    There are so many free and low-cost things you can do. Just to start with:

    -Figure out groups of people who are most likely to use LearnObit. Then figure out where they hang out and share LearnObit there. Also share articles, landing pages, free email newsletter, etc. (see below)

    -Write an article about building LearnObit - more the Why than the how. Talk about the users you're helping - who are they, what are their challenges and how does LearnObit help them?

    -Create landing pages with some content attractive to potential LearnObit users - "Want to improve your learning? Get better results? Sign up here for XXXXXXXX"

    -Create a spreadsheet with a list of resources helpful to learners with LearnObit info on it.

    -Create a list of learning tips and resources and share free with anyone who subscribes

    -Start a weekly email newsletter with tips and news for learners

    -Start a podcast for learners, interview experts and create transcripts to share

    -Create a short course with tips for learners, including LearnObit

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    If you know a good guide article to this situation, I would appreciate it!

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      What did you mean by "I posted some on the board of community sites"? Which board on what site?

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