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I really like the design of Indiehackers newsletter.

Abinaya from Remote Leaf @abinaya

I really like the design of Indie Hackers newsletter. I'm actually a backend developer and not good at design. Is there any email template like that I can use for my side product that can be readily usable?

cc/ @csallen please share your thoughts.


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    The screenshot of your newsletter on your homepage looks pretty good to me! Some thoughts:

    • Green is an okay color, but blue feels a bit lighter and friendlier.
    • Half the battle of good design is just aligning things. Try to align the left edge of every item in your newsletter. It'll feel cleaner.

    Paying a designer is cheap and underrated! Go on 99Designs, find someone you like, and pay them $100 to improve your newsletter design.

    Alternatively, look to existing designs for inspiration. Search Dribbble, for example. When you see a design you like, try to reverse engineer what makes it attractive. If the answer is something hard to copy, e.g. they have amazing illustrations, then move on to the next design. But if the answer is simple basics: good alignment, colors, fonts, spacing, etc., then steal those underlying attributes. Don't copy the design. Rather, steal the underlying things that make it work and make them your own.

    The basic idea behind the design of the IH website, for example, is that a dark blue background looks good with bright colors on top of it.

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      @csallen Courtland, be sure to prepare +$200 for the web developer +$99/mo for Litmus to test your emails. At the end, when you have no marketing experience or awareness of what you do it's all waste of time. Because you'll have an email built by newbies.

      @abhikarthick Be sure to check out Blink Those are the best email templates on the market.

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      Wow, thank you so much for the ideas @csallen I'll try my best!

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