I Rebuilt My Landing Page, Please Send Your Feedback

Hello everyone,

Thank you for checking out my post.

I have been working on this chrome extension for facebook
group lead generation since January this year:

and here is the landing page : https://groupleads.net I've created to sell it.

Although, this seem better than the previous one but I still feel it sucks.

Therefore, I want to seek for your feedback on this landing page so I make it better before I choose a date for its launch.



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    Use one of the template sites others mentioned or hire a designer. It's ok, not all of us have an eye for design. Luckily people have mentioned some good resources already.

    If you want to tweak it on your own:

    • pick a few colors that go well together and use only those.
      • look at sites / products you like and try to emulate their design styles.
    • space the sections out a bit and give them equal padding. Everything feels a bit cramped at the moment.
    • I agree with @jhgaylor; redo the FAQ section so they're all open; Add a CTA to the bottom of the page as well.

    Also, no one mentioned anything about the video, it is part of the landing page after all.

    Is this a placeholder video? If not I would recommend writing a short script and paying someone to narrate it for you. I personally wouldn't purchase a product that had a silent video with nothing more than text boxes guiding me along the way. You could also add some royalty free music to the video; something light and cheery set at a low volume level (youtube has tons you can download: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music).

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      Thanks for the suggestions.

      Working on them now...

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    Same advise here. Grab a template and tweak slightly.

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    I am not a designer so I can't put my finger on it but I'll say it looks very "Crayola". Once I get passed the Red on blue things are a little easier to grok but my lizard brain knows I'm looking at an ad.

    I would consider leaving all the FAQs popped open. They aren't very big, there isn't much content below them and I think they look better open.

    I also think there should be another CTA link at the bottom. When I scroll to the bottom, I've read everything , and I'm ready to buy, I have to go looking for the button. Idk if that should take the form of having pricing at the bottom of the front page or just another big button that takes you to the tiered payments.

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      You are right @jhgaylor.

      I will incorporate all these feedbacks asap.

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    Honestly? I initially thought it was some kind of pop-up ad and went to close it. Like the other guy said, too many loud colors which I think achieves the opposite of your intention of directing the viewers attention to the call to action. There's not much point reinventing the wheel for this kind of thing so try https://carrd.co/ or something like https://html5up.net/

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      Thanks for the feedback.

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    This comment was deleted 7 months ago.

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      Thanks for the feedback. I will check it out.

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