I review Dribbble designs so you know how a designer thinks.

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    This is really cool

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    Thank you for the video, loved it! Would be great to get some feedback for HockeyStack.com's dashboard UI

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    By the way, I will be more than happy to look at your design and give you my feedback :) just leave a link in the comments!

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      Thanks for doing this! Here's my site foxyapps.co.

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        Happy to! I recorded a video, it's easier to give feedback that way for me :)

        Here you go!


        Great job btw. love the idea!

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          Amazing, thanks a lot for such great and detailed feedback! It helped me a lot and I'll have a look at the issues you mentioned.

          I'm definitely planning to add more screenshots directly from apps to show the UX/UI. I'm trying to figure out the best way how to automize it since doing it manually would take forever. So for now I'm just pulling the images from the store listing. But thanks for mentioning it, I definitely have it the roadmap.

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      I am recording new Dribbble review today so I will review yours account in that!

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