AMAs April 25, 2019

I run a successful marketing agency. Ask me anything!

Allie LeFevere @obedient

Hey, Allie LeFevere here. I've spent the last decade creating, launching, and scaling fun-centric global programs for brands + entrepreneurs, whipping up their humorous branding + marketing campaigns, and making sure every touchpoint of their customer's experience is unforgettable, unconventional, and most importantly, un-boring. Also, I was recently a guest on the Indie Hackers podcast. (Episode coming soon!)

I'll be doing a live video #AMA on Tuesday, May 7th @ 4:30pm CT, so ask me anything!

Here are a few topics that might help to get the party started:

  • The science of humor and why it works so well in marketing,
  • Building a niche business,
  • How to choose the right business partner (so you don’t blow the operation before it begins),
  • Podcasting as a business growth tool—and how to create a unique spin that will allow your content to stand out,
  • Fun > Fear: the new, powerful way to compel your audience,
  • Creating obsessive brand enthusiasts,
  • Developing your ‘Hook’—your brand’s standout narrative,
  • Building a brand that doesn't suck,
  • Creating web copy that people will actually read,
  • How to use fun to crush short-term customer acquisition and foster long-term customer value,
  • Finding and developing your brand’s personality.
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    What would you say are the most important brand factors for indie hackers to focus on in the early stages? (ie - when they likely have no or very little money)

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    Hey Allie, thanks for doing this!

    To the questions:

    • What are the worst marketing approaches you are seeing from marketers nowadays that everyone should avoid?
    • What is the best marketing book you have found?
    • What are your biggest tips for someone just starting with their marketing career?
    • What would you use to teach yourself marketing from scratch if you had to start over now?
    • Have you read Rory Sutherland's new book 'Alchemy', and if so what did you think?
    • What has been your biggest mistake in your marketing career (that you can safely admit to haha)?
    • I'm going to be selfish and ask one regarding my startup... If you had to market a book club discussion website, where would you start, and where would you focus your efforts?

    Sorry for the bombardment of questions! And I look forward to seeing the video AMA!

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    Hi Allie,

    I am doing an open/close cart for a niche online course (
    Cart opened today.

    I am looking for additional ways to reach my audience (authors, writers, avid readers).

    Here is what I have done so far:

    • open/close email sequence for 5 days to people who signed up for free course, trying to get them to pay for the advanced course using proven templates (personalized).
    • emailed my author (I'm an author/podcaster) email list which is much larger with the usual news, but gave a way for them to repost my Facebook post in exchange for a free book download.
    • using scheduled social media posts to about 10 accounts over the 5 days
    • advertising course open with special pop up on my site
    • let my affiliates know the course is open

    Is there any other suggestions you have for me in order to reach a larger audience during my open cart? Am I missing something big (besides paid ads?)

    Thanks so much.

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    Hi Allie,

    I also run a digital marketing agency and we're doing pretty well so far, however, it's getting to that stage where we have more money than time. We're now looking to scale and so we must hire someone. What functions of the business do you hire for?

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      Hey! Are you asking what internal positions to we hire for internally or what functions do other agencies, hire us for?

      What we hire for internally—designers/copywriters/developers who take a unique, unorthodox, humorous approach to their work.

      What folks bring us on board for—anything here:

      However, in short, developing a brand position/personality/visual presence, and all the accompanying creative. :)

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    Hi Allie, thanks so much for doing this!

    Two questions on topics I’m struggling with a bit...

    1. I sell products mainly to businesses and ‘prosumers’. Good copywriting/email sequences play a big role in driving sales/conversions for me and I’d love to include a bit more humour. When and how should I/a founder do that? What are some common beginner mistakes to avoid?

    2. You mention podcasting and I launched a podcast for my business last week! The aim is to build my audience, provide value, build trust, and drive qualified leads to buy my product. What are some of the high impact growth/content things I should be doing with my podcast to achieve those goals?

    Thanks so much for stopping by and helping out!

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    What's brand personality?

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    Hi Allie, thanks for the opportunity to ask you a few questions:

    1. How do you source your creatives or ad designs?
    2. How did you reach your initial (first 5?) customers?
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    Great, thanks for doing this!

    I have 3 questions if it is not too much :)

    1. How to transport all the "fun" experience to inside the product?

    All those things that you mentioned to use in branding, content, ads, landing page,etc; how do I use in the UI of my web app?

    1. When is it "too much"?

    2. How do I decide if I want "fun and humor" in my brand: I should use humor because it is a trait of my own personality or because it is desirable by my target audience (regardless if I am personally a fun person or not)?

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    Do you have any examples of your work?

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    Hey! Thanks for doing this. Will tune in on 7th but here are a few questions till then:

    • Have you seen successful examples of using humor to market luxury brands? Does it work there? Do you recommend it? Why / why not.

    • same questions as above but in social good brands?

    Thanks again!

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