I searched >38k podcasts in about 6 hours...💪

That's a whole lot of podcasts! 💪

As part of building my podcast search engine (log.fm), I got the first version of my podcast crawler up and running. It is by no means the finished code, but it is for sure a great start. The first spike is while doing the last minute tweaking and error fixing. Then I let it run unattended for about 6 hours. It found loads of podcasts!

Backstory: Since I don't have lots of spare time to work on this project, I need to add in the most amount of automation I can. So naturally turned to Python for some quick and dirty scripting. That coupled with the PHP script to parse the podcast feed, a little bit of time for it to run, and viola. I searched over 38k podcast RSS feeds. All together the app was running for about 6 hours while I slept (before waking up for my day job)

I have already gotten some great feedback from people like @pips on their thoughts on my landing page and his favorite podcast shows.

Any shows or people in particular I should look especially hard for to have on log.fm? Let me know :)

If you want you can join the waitlist on log.fm for the April beta launch!

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    This is such a great idea! I subscribe to 30 to 40 podcasts and listen to them all week. When I hear a guest that really resonates with me I go looking for several other interviews of theirs in order to understand the entirety of their thinking and ideas. I was just thinking the other day how great it would be to be able to subscribe to a guest like you would a podcast.

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      Nice! I am the same way. That's why I am making log.fm!

      What shows do you listen to?

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        My top shows I listen to every week are:

        • Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu
        • The Tim Ferriss Show
        • Mixergy
        • How I Built This
        • The Jordan Peterson Podcast
        • Ben Greenfield Fitness
        • Akimbo
        • In Good Hands
          -The Jordan Harbinger Show
        • The Minimalists
        • Disruptors for Good
        • The Startup Story
        • the Ed Up Experience
        • Business for Good
        • Collective Insights
        • Edsurge
        • Indie Hackers
        • a dozen more I listen to on occasion

        I also host a podcast called Evolve (http://evolvethe.world/), an interview show about social entrepreneurs solving global issues through startups.

        1. 1

          Ohhh wow. That is a healthy amount of shows you listen to!

          Ill be sure to checkout your show and add it to log.fm

          1. 1

            Thanks! What shows do you listen to most often?

            1. 1

              I recently finished the entire backlog of the Art of Product, now I am working though the backlog of Build Your SaaS.

              Other favorites include:

              • indie hackers (or course)
              • bigger pockets (for finance and realestate)
              • choose FI
              • Side hustle show
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