April 23, 2019

I Sell Onions on the Internet (a refreshing take on being an indie business builder)

Sagi Kedmi @sagi


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    This is awesome. Love the post, love your attitude. Awesome.

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    Proves that when you do things you love, even onions can bring cheer instead of tears. Congrats Onion seller and thanks for sharing :)

    Do what you love.

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    Thanks Sagi! Peter here (author)..

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    I really enjoyed reading your article. Your business feels a little out of the norm to sell onions compared to others that are selling Wordpress Plugins or tools for automatic A/B testing. Your method to source the business was new to me and reading through your other posts was insightful as another avenue to explore for future business ventures.

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    I also marked this post as spam! Love it! Haha.

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      I truly hope you didn't - this blog post is a refreshing take on being a true indie IMHO

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        +1 I enjoyed the read and see the value here (that you can truly find a niche and make money online). Sad that some see it as spam.

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          Damn typos, ‘almost’, not ‘also’!

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            @rosiesherry - you can always"EDIT" the comment. :) Just hover over your comment and you should see the options to edit.

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              Yes I know, was going to, but then @sagi's comment wouldn't have made sense, so I opted not to. :p

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