Newsletter Crew September 21, 2020

I shipped my first real product! scrapiste: an analytics jobs board

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    change your social media card. cropped in indiehackers it read.. well you can look at it yourself.

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      Thanks a lot for pointing this out indeed !

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    I like it! I'd love to have filters for experience level/location and technology used, but that's just me :)

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      Thanks a lot for your feedback, I totally agree with the need for filters on education level and experience, I am currently developing it actually. Techology would also be pretty cool indeed, I will have a look into it, thanks a lot again !

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    Congrats! I like it. Just a thought, on my mobile it’s a ton of scrolling with all the job postings. Maybe there’s an easy way at the top to sort/filter the results? Good luck with it, it seems like job boards can be successful.

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      Thanks a lot for this awesome feedback ! You are right, some sticky filters would definitely help on mobile, added on my list

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    Congratulations. What technologies are you using for this site?

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      Thanks ! I played with golang for a while and after having built toy projects with it this summer, I just loved it. So just go + sqlite, hosted on DigitalOcean on a 5$ instance.

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    Awesome :) Let us know how it goes

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      Thanks a lot ! I'll do for sure :)

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    Congrats!! Can I get job alerts for a particular region if I subscribe?

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      Just... thanks ! That is one of a heck of a good feedback, I have implemented it for you to try if you wish. I am still wondering, what frequency would you prefer ? Daily Weekly / Monthly ?

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        My preference would be weekly here, but just throwing in my 2-cents

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          Appreciated, weekly seems more appropriate and less spammy indeed, thanks !

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      Thanks, I believe you launched zerotouser recently, congrats !

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      Thanks ! Still barebone, now working to improve traffic

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