I spent $0 on a fancy logo 💸

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    I like it! I’m definitely a firm believer that you don’t need a great logo right off the bat, you can always redesign it later. I’ve spent my fair share on logos for projects that never even saw the light of day.

    With Jamform I had an order placed on Fivver ready to hire a couple designers because I knew it would take a few tries to get it right. Then I decided to just cancel it and use a free one from a stock photo site and I couldn’t be happier with it: https://twitter.com/jamforms/status/1330910060495724544?s=21

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      Love these kinds of things, and especially these logos! Simplicity and focusing on delivering value is best.

      For Tentacle, I used an emoji + LogoHub.

      PS. I made a list of other tools like LogoHub, so people can build stuff without worrying about money - http://shalvah.me/indie-tools

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        Interesting, I always have a hard time to pick a logo, will check your ideas.

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        Very nice idea :)
        Would check it out for my next project.

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      Yep completely agree with you. And that logo rocks ;)

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    Hey nice one! Just playing it simple but effective. How long did it took you to create this?

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    Thing is you wouldn't satisfy with this logo if it was presented by (a designer) someone else.

    That spacing with the icon and logotype hurts me, I'm trying to understand the height difference and why they are aligned on baseline etc. Harmony on weights, kerning...

    Yeah all it takes an icon and text but there is a reason they study for it for years.

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      Sure, I would have certainly rejected this logo if it came from a proper designer.

      I don't deny the fact that this is not perfect, and far from it. But the point being, I invested far less energy/time/money in that instead of a real logo.

      For my previous SaaS I commissioned a logo for $$$.
      Fast forward two years later, the SaaS is dead. And I can't get back any of my energy/time/money spent on that logo which I'm sure hasn't contributed to any of the success or failure of this product :)

      I didn't want to make the same mistake, so with 5% of the effort, I have 95% of the result. I'm happy with that trade off 😉

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        I get your point and fully encourage it. There was a similar post.

        I used to be a designer and I'm familiar with the tools but now I'm not spending more than an hour to design a logo for my projects. No need to subscribe to Adobe either, it's possible to create it on the browser with all those great fonts and ready-made icons.

        I saw many people expect a lot from a single image. They think it'll do all the marketing and sales by itself. It's like with a great logo you don't need a great product. Even it's not the case for every product, in some cases logo and brand has a lot to say about the product and the team behind. But it's always possible to improve it afterwards especially after gaining some $$.

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          Thanks for linking the post, I use Figma and I didn't know you could edit an SVG!

          I agree with you! And I have to thank you for your last message, I didn't even notice the height difference, etc. Those are some tiny changes that can greatly improve it 😉

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    Good for you, Matthieu! It looks great. I strongly believe that the only pre-requisite for logos nowadays is that they be distinctive. Yours is, so you're good to go!

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    Totally. You don't really need a fancy logo who you can create a strong brand ;)

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    It reminds me to sony.

    Don't want to be an arse, but the so called logo is no fancy by any means...

    I will forget about this logo/logotype the same day.

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      Well this is the point. It's not a fancy logo, and I don't mind it being flawed. Because I don't think investing time and money on a logo moves the needle enough to justify the compromise.

      As an indie hacker with a full-time job, time is scarce 😉

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        I am afraid that you are wrong on that.
        A logo is important.

        An example.

        Uicoach.io has a great mission, but if you see the logo you won't take it seriously....

        Tell me afterwards you have seen it..

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