Growth January 17, 2021

I spent all money earned

Wouter Dijkstra @woutertoday

Did I get your attention using a clickbaity-title? I'm sorry.

A while ago I made, a website where people can "take a shot", and have their name/website listed on there forever.

Last week, two people transferred some money in exchange for a beautiful listing on the website.

I got excited about picking up some attention again and talked to my 'colleagues' -at the space I rent an office at- about it and they thought I'd hit big if I did some advertising.

All money earned last week, was spent on Google Ads; I chose some cheap words around money, wasting money and getting rich, and a mac CPC.

With the budget I set I got a few visitors, but sadly no "luck".

Since this is such a weird "side-project", I guess there's no real lesson to be learned here. But hey! You can check out, and maybe I'll see you there!

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