I started building in public today. Let's follow each other on Twitter!

Hi indie hackers,

I started building in public on my next project today. I have built Logic Sheet and now I'm moving to another web app that helps people monitor any changes on the internet. I'm using Twitter to record my journey, let's follow each other!

Here is my account: @wayneshengg

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    I'm starting starting my journey :) Give you a follow. @janek_piotrz

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    Awesome! Just followed you 😁

    I'm at https://twitter.com/thejonasme

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    This is great! I just started my building in public journey as well. I've followed you and I can't wait to learn more about what you're building.

    My account is https://twitter.com/aerovulpe

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    Awesome :) Just followed you! Good luck with your projects

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    Nice. Followed. I am also hoping to start building in public soon. I am prashant616x on twitter.

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    Followed! Here's mine: https://twitter.com/uluhonolulu

    Good luck with your project!

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    Just followed you! Happy to follow any other Indie Hackers who follow me too. My Twitter is https://twitter.com/reinards

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    Awesome. Just followed you!

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    That's great. I've been thinking of building in public for a while. Do share what made you to take the plunge. Also, i'm @vatcil on twitter

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      Hi, actually I have long being working alone for my projects, but I found one of the reasons why people won't use my product is they don't know me personally--as in I'm hiding behind my product. THat's why I decided to register a Twitter account and start building in public for my next project.

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        That is Interesting. I never saw it this way. I always thought it was an audience building/ marketing effort.

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    Awesome just follow you. I also build in public with Twitter, IndieHackers https://www.indiehackers.com/product/hanami (post lot of statusupdate even though no one read heh) and an open changelog https://hanami.run/changelogs and roadmap https://hanami.run/roadmap

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    Amazing! Lovely product .

    I am also building a saas and will love to follow you my friend.
    By the with which stack you have built your software. I am building with MERN stack.
    You can also connect with me here: https://twitter.com/Priyans20072828

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      Hi, thanks. For Logic Sheet, I used Google Apps Script (basically JavaScript) for the downloadable app. I use Bubble for the billing website because I'm not good at frontend. (I followed you back!)

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    Hey Wayne,

    We are starting this journey at the same time! I'd be happy to follow your journey. Let's give the best effort for our goals!

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    Good luck! Just followed you. I will be joining the #buildinpublic movement soon

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