Community Building January 7, 2021

I started writing in public

Chris Bongers @DailyDevTips

We all know learning in public, which I'm a big fan of.

But I started thinking, I'm writing blogs every single morning, what if I would just turn on a stream whilst doing this?

Wouldn't take me much effort and people might learn from it, heck I can even link the video into my articles...

So here we go, three days ago I started with my first stream using restream, turned out to be really low quality on every platform and it didn't save :(.

The second day I went with Twitch itself but used my big monitor which caused some delay, otherwise, it was pretty cool.

Today I did one using my small monitor and it went pretty smooth, got some people to say high which was really cool!

I'm really looking forward to hearing from other creators, writers, community builders what you think of this approach.
Is it perhaps too boring?

You can find my Twitch here:
Or on Youtube:

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    I just had a look and I think it is a good idea but I think variation in the content and finding a way of making it more interesting to the people you interact with could yield more results. But that's just an assumption, I try to stream myself from time to time albeit only without camera or microphone (i'm a bit shy) so just take the advice with a grain of salt :) Maybe add in more of what makes the writing as a developer interesting? Like, which text scored better on this or that metric and trying to explain why. Would be cool!

    For me streaming makes me more focused and I always keep a video of what I programmed for reference that could be useful later and so far I haven't had a real public. I prefer irl interactions but I'll adapt.

    One point though is on some of the streams/videos your screen is very large making the text appear really small and not really readable which beats the purpose of the stream. Maybe look into that?

    Good luck, definitely following since there are so few devs streaming on Twitch.

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      Hey, I would love to make it more interactive, but so far I mainly sit there with just 1 person that doesn't say anything, haha.

      Good point on doing more in-depth changes will definitely do that one day.

      As for your last point, yes that was video one and two, I did it on my big monitor, but did;t work well.
      The last one is on my laptop and it's way better.

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    yay!! building in the open is awesome. congrats!

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      I must say it's also very fun to go ahead and make these videos :)

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    Thinking of doing the same for my startup. Thank you for the inspiration.

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      Ah cool, let me know once you start, would love to see how other people do this.

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    That sounds pretty cool. I never thought about writing in public. But I guess it could work, people usually want to see how other people do stuff.

    I'm curious how this will turn out for you in the future. I wish you best of luck!

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      I don't have high expectations at all, just kind of doing it because I'm writing anyway, but who knows

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    How do you stay focused on writing while streaming? I need quiet to do my writing.

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      That's a very good question Vishal,

      I actually noticed I need to think really hard while doing this.
      Mainly because you want to speak up and normally when I write I'm silent and just think in my head.

      So definitely a challenge, but it seems to improve the creativity and focus for sure.

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