Ideas and Validation February 15, 2020

I summarized Paul Graham's "Ideas For Startups" essay in an experimental reading format

Marcos Pereira @marcospgp

I summarized Paul Graham's "Ideas For Startups" essay in a new reading format and would love to have some feedback from you guys!

It's a format where you start out with the long form text in a summarized format, and can click on particular points to expand the thought into detail.

Here's the proof of concept:

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Would you write in this format if there a platform that made it easy? Would you prefer reading long form text in a format like this over being presented the text in a long continuous block?

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    Very interesting! I like the fact that I can just open and read more about the bullet points that are interesting. I find that I read a lot of articles this way. I skim through reading the first sentence of each paragraph, and pausing to read the paragraphs that seem compelling.

    Also, I like the proof of concept using Gist. Perfect way to just put it out there.

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    Good initiative. Is it gonna be a Blinkist alternative?

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      It's me trying to validate an idea for a platform where people can write and read in this format

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    I used to read textbooks and turn them into bullet-point summaries. Very comfortable, time saving and fast to browse!

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    I think there is something here! I take notes when consume long form content and have been to share that with others. If there was simple way to edit these as a go (for books) I could see myself using something like this.

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    Works for me