Ideas and Validation November 26, 2019

I think I found first idea which I will try to validate with a landing page


I made this quite popular thread where I had doubts about which idea to act on:

I think I finally found something quite interesting.

I am studying artificial intelligence on my own. Actually I have made a study group and we post our meetings on YouTube - in Polish though, so probably not of interest to you:

The main hypothesis of my project is:

There is enough hype around artificial intelligence in business world, that there will be non-technical people willing to take part in short, PAID online course about:

  • what is (and what is not) an artificial intelligence nowadays
  • what are: machine learning, deep learning, data science, big data, artificial intelligence - how they differ and why are they used as synonyms recently
  • how is it actually possible that a computer "learns" something
  • to what problems current ai technology is applicable and to which isn't
  • what are prerequisites necessary to successfully apply ai to some problem
  • how much applying an ai to a problem might cost
  • what ai might be able to do in the soon future (current research, not sci-fi crap)
  • etc...

Course would be geared towards: business people working in tech - CEOs, executives, managers, also tech recruiters and journalists.

Course would be in Polish - I want to focus on my own market.

Now this is just a hypothesis, I plan to validate it with a landing page for the course. It will provide all the info above + price + my credentials (putting emphasis on my YouTube channel, since I don't have a lot of commercial experience in AI).

Landing page will have an e-mail for those who are interested. Alternatively - should I actually try to pre-sell? I know that there are few successful online courses in Poland which were sold before they were complete.

So... What do you think? :)

EDIT: what the fuck , what the fuck, what the fuck...

I posted my idea on a Polish fb group for startup enthusiasts and... got an offer to do PAID live course for the group of 10 lawyers. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

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    Awesome! I think that you are well predisposed to create an online course. I'm watching a first video on your YT channel, and I like the way you talk and present the topic.

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    I followed your initial threads with great interest, and I can't help but think of Paul Graham's "Do things that don't scale" right now. You've tried so hard to figure out a business idea and eventually your first indie gig might be you doing an individual paid course? :)

    I am certain that the live feedback you'll be getting will help improving your course material significantly, and probably you should aim for a couple more individual courses to gather even more feedback first and lay out your material based on that.

    And I think that starting with your mother tongue is a great way 1. to focus on preparing quality content first and 2. to cater a "niche" market of those not proficient with the English language.

    Once you've got your course in place, you can still translate into English and probably even other languages.

    You're off to a great start!

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    Gratuluję ci! Dobry pomysl.

    Good luck with delivering the course.

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    Congrats, seems like "validate the idea with landing page" is working well for you. What is the name of that startup enthusiasts group on FB?

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    Really happy for you! :) I was just wondering and if I were you I would also look at what free EDX courses are about offer? What's your advantage in comparison. 😊

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    Nicely done.

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    Ayyyeeeee! Nice!

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