Landing Page Feedback November 7, 2019

I think I'm finally done

galennyc @Chiang

After countless pivots (burning out 🔥), I'd like to think that this is it:

Please share why you think it is or it isn't good enough. TIA

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    • Landed and reading above the fold: "What does setup inspiration mean... no idea what this site is about"
    • Scroll down more, sees trending pictures: "ok, kinda getting it now"
    • Scroll to featured setups, hovers over the dots: "this is awesome, i can buy these directly"

    I'm also in the market for a whole new setup, so I've bookmarked this site. I think if you make the Featured Setups part as the landing, it'd hit more instantly.

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      Felt the same

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      Now I think I’m kinda sabotaging my own site 😂 I’m changing it and thanks for your feedback Kelvin! Great to know that you find the site helpful.

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    Love the concept and the dots feature! As other comments have pointed out, the copy needs major rework - not just the header tagline ("Setup inspiration through real-life photos with discoverable tags") but also the section descriptions ("Multiple Hi-Res Setup Photos" and the following descriptions, etc. ).

    Another point that confused me is the call to action asking me to sign up. Since all the info seems readily available to me, what am I signing up for?

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      Thank you so much Amruta2799! I’ve been wondering why it’s so difficult to get users to sign up and racking my brain to come up with a better tagline & descriptions. All of which brings to mind “The hard thing about hard things” haha. Any suggestion on the tagline & description will be greatly appreciated.

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    Only really looked quickly and I was also confused for a while. First thing I'd do is change that stock photo of people looking at their phones and make it related directly to a "setup". Someone working on creating a setup, photographing one, or whatever, but you could really help quick comprehension there imo.

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      To add to this: I would say include a photo of a setup, with those little pulsing circles to give the idea what it's about.

      Also change that header to a CTA that's more clear, like:

      Check out the coolest setups, and post your own

      (that's quick idea, it's a bit clunky tbh)

      The "Why Scooget" section should go way down. Lead with WHAT is Scooget, and include some user photos as high as possible on the page, so people get the idea and start browsing the site.

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        Hey Bluetec, thanks for all of your really helpful pointers. I was contemplating on using “cool setups” as well which somewhat goes with s”cool”get (a bit obscure I know) lol, but afraid it might sound corny. Maybe I’ll just let loose and try it out 😄

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          Yeah, the reason I said it was clunky was actually specifically because of the word "cool" - I think it sounds kind of crappy and weak yeah. I originally almost said "sickest setups" but I mean that only works if you have a certain audience and want to have a certain tone of voice for your site. "Best setups" is maybe better than "coolest" I guess - debatable!

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            Same thoughts 💭 “sickest” sounds pretty badass and will kiv for later maybe 😆 thanks Bluetac. Appreciate your feedback!

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    I love the dot features! It's great~

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      Thanks Anthony, glad you like the dots 🙂

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    Man, the idea is cool (already validated largely by IG anyway).
    This landing page needs a strong rework.
    Just shared this with a couple colleagues and their response was the same as mine. We can't understand what this site is all about.


    • Two column top: Right: an example of a pic with tags. Left: 3 major features/ steps (1. post pic with tags"or post your setup with tags" <- this will probably resonate better with enthusiasts in the battlestation field 2. get pvotes 3. make money)

    If you don't grab their attention at the start, your visitors are good as gone.

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      Like I suspected, I’m just kidding myself. Looks like there’s more work to be done 🤣 Your suggestion makes perfect sense to bring out the salient features first. Thanks Panagiotis!

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      One question Panagiotis if I may ask, do you think the explainer video helps or the site will be better off without it?

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        I honestly didn't watch it, until you mentioned it now.
        In these situations I see how I browse the web and add these components to the website. I rarely watch videos like that, because I know that they will include info that I can get selectively from the rest of the webpage in a fraction of the time. Maybe this differs for less sophisticated users.

        The main point, is that you can't explain the core of the idea after the user has scrolled 60% of the page. They won't go that far.

        Have them interact at the first second.

        Finally, visitors stay little on a page ( and your copy has to be very, very catchy, clear and to-the-point.

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          Seriously well-researched article, thanks for sharing it Panagiotis! It really helps a lot 🙏

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    Hey Chiang, nice work.

    Cool site 👍

    My feedback would be to change the hero image to one of the “setups” possibly have it randomly change over time, either for current session or subsequent sessions/visitors.
    I don’t think the current hero image tells the story well at all.

    The other thing is, it took a long time for the body of the page to render. The header was pretty quick though. Perhaps run it through the lighthouse test and see how that looks.

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      Hey thanks Shaun for your kind words and feedback. Great suggestion on carousel style of banner, I’ll certainly look into it 🙏

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    Hello Chiang,

    A couple comments.

    First congratulations on Launching.

    • First, I think the copy may need to be reviewed. The first sentence is "Setup Inspiration" - It took me several minutes to understand that setup inspiration is the visual computer setup (i.e battle stations)

    You should change your landing page, it'll be easier to understand if the landing page showed a picture of an actual setup. (some of the picture are really nice and appealing, I believe the visitor should land right away on a great picture showing a great battlestation)

    • "Setup inspiration through real-life photos with discoverable tags" - You need something much more simple than this.
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      Thank you very much Ibrahim, your comments are really constructive and it strike me how blind I am without feedback. Much appreciated!