Product Development September 7, 2020

I think I've nailed my pricing page. Thoughts?

Herman Martinus @HermanMartinus
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    I LOL'ed at the figurine. I thought it was great. Some commenters below mentioned they were turned off by it. Not me, but to add on to their suggestion, maybe add on a hat or apparel?

    It wasn't immediately apparent to me that it was $6 / month, as opposed to a once-off $6 purchase. Of course I got it after a few seconds of reading the page more closely. This is more about fine-tuning now, but maybe make the "per month" text larger, maybe even close to font size of the "$6" price?

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    I found the man in the pricing page a little disturbing but also it doesn't have the style the guys in the home page have.

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      I agree with Marlon. The man was a little off-putting to be honest. I like the sketch of Herman and Simon with the nice smile so maybe you can re-use it instead of the man.

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    Is there any need for it to be so big? I'm on a 15 MacBook Pro and I need to scroll down to see it.

    There is a ton of whitespace at the top so maybe killing some of that would help bring the elements into view.

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      Same here on a Windows laptop - move your pricing up so we can see everything.

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    Looks beautiful! I'm not in your target market and have no idea about this sort of art, so I can't say much more than that.

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    The ink spots on the background look amateurish design wise and are distracting. The figure at the right of the prices looks amateurish too, but at least it's funny. Maybe you could make it look even more funny if that's what you're going for. You could exaggerate the gesture or add some exclamation marks or lines around his head.

    Personally I find the pink background on the price box not a great idea as it reduces readability. If you want to highlight that box over the free one there are many things you could do without sacrificing readability. This becomes a lot more clear if you switch to BW:

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      Thanks for the suggestions. I'll see what I can whip up

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    This is really unique design man!

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    I didn't see your original page, so responding to what I think is a revision.

    I think it is freaking brilliant. I love your sense of humor. I don't sketch, but it makes me want to try. And also wish I could call myself a Spicy Artist. :) The page, like the rest of your site, includes ample whitespace so the characters and text really pop.

    Not sure if you revised the 'Vanna White' character next to the pricing columns. He/she didn't bother me, but I think I'd make the character more similar to those on your home page. It'd be more consistent. I think the pose is funny AF, though!

    On mobile, though, the pose doesn't work. So maybe use a different image pointing up for mobile. I've seen ample research indicating 'silly' things like the direction in which hands point or eyes look significantly affects conversion.

    The other thing I'd tweak for mobile is the padding at the top of the .page section. 100px is a bit much.

    Really awesome pricing page, website & service, Herman.

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      Thanks for the lovely feedback :D I'm working on getting the guy to point up on mobile ;)

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    Thanks for all the feedback everyone :) I'm spending the day refining it.

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    One suggestion though based upon what other people have said maybe knock the price down off screen and put some kind of like fancy down arrow under the words in the heading to like bring you to the pricing. That way the pricing takes the full screen. And maybe set it so when you scroll through a certain point it will re-center automatically on the next pricing.

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    I like it, it's like a modern spin on the 90s. It has like a 90s design but with the user interface of 2020. It's not that rounded, overly blue, heavily reliant on gradients that you see so often now.

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    It's pretty cool on desktop, but it's a bit weird on mobile

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    Very cool man, love it

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    The whole website is amazing! Design is awesome and the pricing page is very fresh and unique. Bravo, keep it up!

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    I love the design of the page,
    It does a great job of making clear what the features are, and selling your product while still maintaining the unique feel of your brand.

    The only suggestion I might make is to give a little bit more info on each item in the "spicy artist" plan. Make certain benefits clickable to lead to the features page/scroll down to a feature highlight. I've found that explaining the features in-depth on the pricing page can personally make the difference between buying and not buying the product.

    Great work overall though! love the personality!

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    I think it’s great. However, make that figure after the pricing page do something important. Maybe have it point to a certain plan or CTA button.

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