Growth March 29, 2020

I think our pivot is working...

Marc Astbury @marcastbury

Hey hackers,

My new start-up is in shall we say, a less than ideal industry right now.

We were building a product that matched weekend activities in Singapore for couples based on their preferences/ interests. Early feedback was awesome and referrals/ rebookings were coming in.

Then the black swan hit...

Last night we created a 'home' adventure package, consisting of an independent restaurant meal, D.I.Y cocktail kit created by a super hip bar, a game/activity and a Spotify playlist co-created by the restaurant to create the vibe.

This, in turn, supports the struggling local vendors who have suffered a downturn with the lockdown situation.

Within 8 hours of launching (to our tiny audience and posting on Facebook groups), we have registered $900 in sales which to us, is awesome.

We are currently brainstorming how we can boost the exposure without a paid ads strategy

Hopefully, this serves as a little example of potential opportunities within the difficult current climate.

Any creative thoughts for marketing or the experience itself are welcomed as always :)

Here is a link to the product:

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    @marcastbury congrats!!!

    It's a fantastic mindset that any founders should learn from you. Turning the outbreak into an opportunity.

    Would be nice to see different packages for various scenarios.

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    This is a really cool product, Marc!

    The first thing I thought of is a mailing list called HARO - standing for Help a Reporter Out. Basically, reporters post there looking for sources in an article they're planning. There have been a ton of requests there for people with ideas for being social during COVID-19. If you join that list, you can definitely find some opportunities to get featured in articles + inbound links.

    I know you said no paid ads, but: If you can find a a few microinfluencers in Singapore (maybe willing to do it on commission as affiliates, or for a free experience?) to promote the product and popularize a hashtag, I could see this doing well on Instagram. Users could use your hashtag, and you could do giveaways, discounts, referral codes, etc. based off of the people that use it. This gets you content to share, and has people promoting your great idea.

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      Thank you for sharing that, Grafton.

      I was not familiar with HARO, just diving into it now - great recommendation.

      As for influencers, I completely agree. We have a pretty good grip on our demographic from early users + customer interviews so with a little work we can get hyper-relevant.

      Will keep you updated with the results, thanks again.

      P.s just followed you on Twitter :)

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    wow, great idea. really cool.

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      Thank you, Krister!

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    Congrats, this is really cool and creative!

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      Thank you, Dominic! Just checked out MentorCruise, great concept.