August 1, 2020

I tried to make my Privacy Policy actually readable


No one reads Privacy Policies. Worse, when you do read one, its impossibly ambiguous and hard to understand. This is especially true in tech.

So, I tried to make my products privacy policy as simple and understandable as possible. I included an overview / section and then went into detail, breaking it down into bite size parts whenever possible.

Please roast this, tear it apart, and tell me where I can still improve. Are things really as readable and understandable as I've set out to make them?

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    Here's an example of a well written Legal page that I really like

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      Ahh good old webflow. Always a good example.

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    You can make it simpler by being less chatty.


    Below we have laid out, in the simplest terms possible, our user agreement, privacy policy and terms of use. If you are confused about anything please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected] and we'd be happy to answer any questions. If you are looking for more detail please see the detailed sections that follow.

    Could be

    If you are confused about anything please contact [email protected].

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      You're right, that sentence is brutal. I'll rework it. Thanks mate!

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    I love the layout, let me tell you that.

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    I always try to make it as human as possible too:

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    Pretty sure, Even here no one will read your Terms 😅