I tried to write short benefits that still trigger emotions and convey a little personality as well. How did I do?

Link to full page: Tag My Knowledge

I think the first one is kind of weak compared to the other two and I'll probably switch them around.

The idea was to build a simple PKM app where you don't have to waste time fiddling with the app interface itself (as with more general purpose apps). I'm not quite sure this becomes clear though :(

Let me know if you have any ideas!

What's the difference between this app and [Evernote, OneNote, Roam, etc.]?
  1. A, b and c!
  2. Uhm, let me think... maybe...
  3. I have no idea...
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    Hey @ciriousjoker, good job on thinking on how you can trigger emotions.

    For my feedback I would say:

    • 'A specialized solution' doesn't mean anything to me
    • 'You’ll regret this mess down the line.' why would I regret this? what is the pain point you're addressing
    • 'Add knowledge in realtime' this sounds like a cool feature, but you haven't explained what it actually is if it's a voice to text recorder then say that's what it is.
    • I like the bit about waiting for a speaker to finish, you're making me visualise a past experience in my mind, find a way to leverage it better
    • It sounds like your third feature is that it remembers what you put in, I would hope so? Find a better way to convey that it's intelligent, what part of its intelligence would address one of my pain points (if I'm using an existing notes app, i.e. keep, it will do this for me, what makes this different?)
    • 'This spaced repetition also helps you remember it for next time.' What is spaced repetition? I may not be in your target audience but if this is a specific feature of your app you need to explain properly

    The overall feedback is you are heading in the right direction, just need to keep iterating until it is resonating with your target audience. Maybe you could look at reviews for your competitors and see what customers are saying is the value in those apps, then target your copy towards that

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      Oh hey, Harlan! It's Jack from WorldSkills. Good to see you here!

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      Thanks a lot!

      1. Yeah I'll definitely have to fix that
      2. (the whole first benefit actually)
      3. It's nothing "fancy" like TTS, it's just that I tried to build the UX in a way that makes it as fast as possible to use. I tried to go for 3 benefits in a fixed space, maybe going for 2 more detailed ones makes more sense
      4. Will try
      5. As explained in the response to hatkyinc's critique, putting more emphasis on "dont lose your knowledge by letting it sink to the bottom of Google Keep etc." makes more sense probably
      6. Spaced repetition = revisiting something every now and then to prevent forgetting it forever. I feared that linking to a Wikipedia article about it might "lure away" visitors? Now that I say it it sounds stupid though :)

      I couldn't really find a direct competitor though. Maybe explaining how it's different from the obvious choices (Evernote, OneNote, Google Keep, Roam, Notion) would be the way to go.

      Thanks again!

      1. 2

        This sounds like a great idea :) People using those apps i'd imagine would be the biggest traffic source, so it would be good to orientate them to who you are in relation to what they use.

        I've seen a number of products which will create separate pages comparing their products to others, this could be a start to grow your organic source of traffic too, say if people are googling 'google keep alternatives'

        1. 1

          Great point I should probably focus on that once the app has matured to stability.

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    Congrats on your app and building this all out, it's a really neat premise. I didn't read all the comments but I did spend 1 minute on the web page to let your value props and imagery wash over me. The truth is I don't get it, but there's a seed there that feels interesting.

    I'm one of those multi-note-taking people where notes sink to the bottom like fishfood in a cloudy aquarium.

    I think you need to boil this down to one premise—one that is interesting and unique. It might be enough to simply promise to surface relevant notes based on analysis of your notes over time. Like the notion of a "spaced repetition" algorithm that maybe surfaces your notes based on what you want to keep front of mind. I'm not entirely sure. The copy is pretty wordy. I'm still noodling on this.

    Maybe it is something like:

    • The only note-taking app that recommends topics for you to spend more time on, based on your own interests
    • The only knowledge management app that uses your interests and goals to prompt topics to learn more about or refine

    etc. I love this underlying premise though. I'm using Roam now and it partially solves staleness by making recall effortless. But its not assistive or intelligent in any sense. The next frontier in note-taking apps? :D

    1. 1

      Thanks a lot for your input!
      I think an actually intelligent algorithm based on topics would be kind of difficult. Right now it's Semi-intelligent and just based on how important you rate each piece. More important will surface more often.

      A roam integration might be nice, but their api is private atm. :(

      I'm not sure which version of the website you saw (screenshot vs real one).
      I used "spaced repetition" originally, but shied away from it because people seemed to not know what that term means and explaining it isn't straight forward

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    The app is cute, not sure how ready it is

    • gmail login doesn't work
    • "Add more" breaks everything
    • The categories... do you need them? and if so will I be able to customise? and sub category...
    • The filters don't work?
    • no logout? (browser version)

    For the LP, I like the top, till the action
    "A specialized solution" - meaningless and a feature not a benefit.
    "Add knowledge in realtime" - the feel is good, but realtime always seems to me abused in digital context, like do I expect to wait while typing for each char like a typewriter?...
    "Intelligent feed" - so obscure and the explanation isn't helping much, IDK what that is or why I'd want it..

    1. 1

      Thanks for all the great feedback, I really appreciate it!

      • Google login should be fixed now (thanks so much for pointing it out!!)
      • What do you mean by "breaks everything"? I'll fix minor issues with it with the next update but it works fine for me right now
      • filters work great for me. You need to have tags first though before you can filter for them, mby that's the issue?
      • There's no logout yet and it's not really a priority since I want to get the UX for it right first. Maybe a quickfix UI in the meantime would be helpful though. I relied on clearing app storage for now but browser is more complicated.
        About landing page:
      1. Agree. I was looking for a third benefit but that one definitely sucks a little
      2. The realtime aspect was meant as in you dont have to pause the video and to use the app. I can't think of any replacement for realtime though. I like the "Speakers wont wait" part, maybe use that as a headline?
      3. Originally I created this app because whenever I added knowledge to Google Keep, it inevitably sank to the bottom and was lost. This "intelligent feed" is supposed to stir it up so you don't forget knowledge you wrote down a long time ago. I think that's one of the main USPs for the app imo (simple, fast + automated). Is it clear that the "feed" means the list of knowledge you see in each category when you open the app? Maybe putting more emphasis on "avoid losing/forgetting knowledge" would make more sense..

      Again, thanks a lot for your feedback!

      1. 2

        What do you mean by "breaks everything"? I'll fix minor issues with it with the next update but it works fine for me right now

        So your clearing the source? but the title stays?
        The message at the bottom is barely noticeable and disappears too fast ... should be on top.
        It seems better than before, I couldn't click the Done before...
        So when the thing pops on source, should it be clickable?... same for tag... I kinda expect to click...
        I think for the filter I mean the same, I can't click that popup...

        For logout it's no so much I'm worried about my side, but about the server side... security wise..
        (I also often logout and in on signup related to the password manager, but that's probably just me)

        yea I don't have a wording idea at the moment for the real time thing

        With feed, I either think like RSS feed (technical) or facebook feed (common).. I'm not sure how it connects here, is this a scroll-able history?
        Are you actually more thinking of doing things like google photos of 1 year ago?..

        I like the simplicity, speed and flexibility for the USP, I'd call it an upgrade vs using Asana

        1. 1
          1. As of right now, yes. I'll fix this in the next minor update
          2. What message? I can only think of the "Thanks for trying this prerelease app", but that's added by the play store and not by me
          3. Weird, it seems to be broken on desktop pcs (works fine in mobile view on desktop though). I can't think of a way to fix this immediately but I will find a way.
          4. Security wise, I'd consider it more unsafe to logout / relog since you're entering your password multiple times as opposed to loading the token from sandboxed memory
          5. Np :)
          6. Yes, its scrollable. I should probably illustrate that with a video demo instead of a screenshot
          7. Not quite, but each day all of your knowledge items get a calculated score based on age and importance to determine what shows up at the top. Newly added items are pinned to the top for the day. I should definitely explain this more clearly on the page.

          Yeah, its more geared towards enabling a specific "flow" of managing information rather than having all the bells and whistles of a general purpose mass audience tool

          1. 2

            the "saved" message on "Add more"

            So there is a single long lived / infinite life token that's available on my system encrypted ... tokens should expire... logout should delete the token and remove the option to guess it and require the pair, that shouldn't be available un-encrypted anywhere...
            not wanting to get into a long security discussion, but when you think you are sure of all attack vectors, as anything your sure of in life, surprises would come

            Don't fell too much in love with that quirky invention of a feed for a knowledge system... much of this type of info systems might be way more write heavy than read... and like should be..
            I was playing around with the idea of higher/lower level summary, which makes it more accessible, so like if you wrote a lot of a particular thing/time, you'd want a shorter higher level thing with links to the details, that makes it more ...
            well there are many different types of things that could be written and there by the use of them differs... like if you would have a system focused for students you could 100% customise, knowing the notes have a life cycle, they have entities that make sense like the course and topics within it, and they have a review for tests for example... and it can all be pretty much archived forever when one passes the course, probably never to be looked at again...
            Recalling old stuff or getting random notes... like quotes are super condensed in a way and are non connective mostly, these are known to be wanted in a random recollection as one usage pattern.
            But as a user I need control on how I want things... that's why the tag system is so good in my opinion, it's the flexibility of anything I want, not what the system decided (which the hardcoded categories are a contrast and conflict too... in a way you need to decide what you are, a flexible system or an opinionated one...)

            1. 1

              I agree. Since originally built this just for myself I chose an opinionated design + flexibility, but I'll most likely add custom categories eventually.

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