I tripled my prices today

So I run a job board and I got an email from a client saying they had received 100 applications for the job they posted. Pretty sweet! But I only charged them $99 so they paid less than $1 per applicant. Considering this is for a developer position this seems really cheap.

I decided today to triple my prices to $299 (ok, so technically triple and then add 2 for the sticklers!). It will be interesting to see how this affects sales. I know that a lot of advice from folks like patio11 is to increase prices. I can probably afford to experiment with ads at this rate.

I'm all for experimenting with prices and it seems if other job boards charge $299, I can give it a go to.

If you know anyone hiring, here is my job board for entry level developers .

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    Why not actually charge by value, i.e. per-applicant?

  2. 2

    Don't think about the value as "per applicant" but as the usefulness provided to the employer for a successful hire.

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    With your math $3 per applicant is still cheap.

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    Much of this "raise your prices" advice is false. The big example is "Intercom". They are a primary example of the raising prices theory. To some extent I follow this story for a few years. I am not convinced it was the correct decision. Hubspot did raise their prices, and latter built a free tier.

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      What happened with Intercom?

      1. 2

        You can study the history. Personally I would have never done what they did. All they care about is company valuation.

      2. 1

        Yeah, they seem to be doing pretty well with their higher prices?

  5. 1

    Hope it works out good for you :)

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    Entrepreneurs, myself included, often under price what the real value it. It totally makes sense that you should raise prices, and in your example, I bet that recruiter would pay $500.

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    This is super cost effective @petecodes. If the value is there, the price point will become an afterthought. This is reasonable for what you've built.

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    Hi Pete, do you manually enter each job ?

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    Hi pete, your site looks amazing. Did you use no code tools to build it ? Since i can see the hire button goes to card site ?

    I think it's a smart move. I believe in keeping a high price and giving a "discount" later approach. How do you plan on tackling if the conversion reduces do u have any metrics to see that ?

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      hey, thanks! Yeah, it's built on sheet2site

      Simple- if people don't buy I'll reduce prices again.

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