Growth October 18, 2020

I unexpectedly made it to the front page of Hacker News

Zeeshan M @codezed

@Utsav and I curate Hacker News content every day and post it as a digest to our readers on WhatsApp (which you can subscribe to here:

Today I opened HackerNews to curate some content and to my surprise,
My own post was on the front page of hacker news

HN #27

This was funny to me cause I did not consider my link to be useful enough to make it to the front page

The link was about using Google Drive as a free backup service for your database and static storage
The project can be found here:

Why am I sharing this on IH?
Cause I posted the link on HN after reading @Caspii's IH post about how he deleted his production database by mistake

  1. 2

    Do you think you ended up on the front page because your idea is interesting and helpful intrinsically, or because you posted it at the right time as a sort of response to the popular production database deletion thread?

    1. 2

      I think it was a mix of helpful and timing

    2. 1

      haha I thought it was pure timing but my github project now has over 50 stars and a few forks. that means people did find the idea interesting and helpful

  2. 2

    Congrats! This should be a healthy indicator that you are on track. Mind sharing if HN crowd turned into paying customers? Would be interesting to see the conversion rate - but don't feel obligated.

    1. 4

      This was an open source docker image

      No conversion was expected :)

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