I used ilo Twitter analytics for 14 days and increased my follower growth rate by 277%

My free trial with ilo.so is coming to an end, but I'll definitely be converting to a paid customer.

Before I started using ilo, it felt like I was going through Twitter in the dark—tweeting whatever I could think of and hoping for a response. I was occasionally looking at Twitter's free, built-in analytics feature to get a sense if I was doing well or not, but I wasn't learning anything about what tweets were working and why.

Now I have a sense of clarity and confidence about what I tweet and have sharpened my intuition about what will work and what wont. I also have more focus on my north star metric: Profile Clicks. This is how I acquire customers to Harold and therefore more important to me than engagements or impressions.

The numbers also speak for itself. I gained 51 new followers in the 14 days. Before that it took me a full month to acquire ~35.


So here are 3 things I've learned from using ilo's "better analytics" for 14 days:

1) I get most impressions when I tag other people in the tweet


Why this works:

  • They usually like + retweet and have larger followings.

What this looks like:

  • Highlighting and sharing the work of others.
  • Sharing a good article I read
  • Mentioning makers that I see doing great work
  • Sharing release of my Maker of Habit newsletter which features a maker and their work

2) I get most engagements per impression when I include a link


What this looks like:

  • Sharing articles, podcasts, or other resources I found valuable

Why this works:

  • People like content that has been curated or vetted in someway

3) I get the most profile clicks when I tweet about real-time engagements I've had with wider community or real-time updates of my work/progress


What this looks like:

  • A write up of what I learned after attending an event/talk (and tagging the speaker, of course)
  • Short tweet about a recent experiment I ran with my product, Harold, and what I learned

Why this works:

  • Shows I am relevant and tapped into the community, so I'm someone to check out
  • Apparently Twitter's algo likes tweets including "just" and "right now" (a tip I learned from Monica Lent's post on the ilo.so blog)
  • Sharing my learnings with building a SaaS product is interesting and valuable, it helps others learn without having to do all the work I did

Try it for yourself

You can take a look at my public analytics here

or just try it out for yourself. It's free for 14 days so why not!
Start your free 14 trial here

  1. 2

    This is a great example of the power behind analytics! Using data and charts to find patterns and making those into tangible growth.

    Thank you for taking time to write this up!

    I love how you noticed the trends for each metric column. Very cool to see.

    And I'm really happy to see ilo help you get proper results! 👏

    1. 1

      Of course! It's a great product 🙂

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