Design and UX August 9, 2020

I used Lottie Animation on the Hero Section, I think it's better than a video. What do you think?

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    It's too long to give the message it does and convey the benefit.

    This has got to be one of the funniest typos I've found on a product page:

    "No need to hire an expensive COPYWRITTER"

    Also this, as your user sign up, feels like opposite land:

    I want to answer yes but its telling me to answer no by swiping left?

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      Hey Breffni. I feel you. I was trying to say before you hire an expensive copywriter or invest sales page, validate your product idea, and capture more leads with a simple yet engaging page. Will fix the issues. I really appreciate your feedback. Followed. :) I see you went to the campaign page, Would love to know your feedback about the product concept as well. Thanks in advance

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        The yes/no logic on sign up seems not to matter, does it use any conditional logic or does it just move the user forward in a straight line?

        Also, am I signing up for one product or another as the legal terms on sign up are for a different company name.

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          Thanks, Breffni, you are awesome, the parent company is there, will fix that as well. you can see which swipe card users swiped right/left on the stats pages, but no conditional logic yet.

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            As a sales funnel I'd use something like Typeform to give these kind of choices and educate/filter to the users desired choice, a swipe card might be a fun take on that but you need to bring the users on the journey they want to go on not just lead them in a straight line, might be worth looking into reactive choices.

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              I also use Typeform, they are super long some times, This is why we created this product, on Mobile, users don't even need to click or type.

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    Looks very clean!

    Been planning on using Lottie eventually too, this animation shows it's powerful!

    That said, I lost focus in terms of the point it was trying to convey. Shorter animation would be useful, but great animation never the less!


    "Tired of long form, low converting landing pages, Or Never Ending Quiz Funnels. So Do your customers."

    Should probably be:

    "Tired of long-form, low converting landing pages, or never-ending quiz funnels. So are your customers!"

    P.S. The point at the bottom about conversion rates being unfair is a good one. May be better to have it further up? Just a thought.

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      Thanks, How about the concept of the product.

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        Sorry, was extending the previous post when you replied.

        I like the concept, just took too long for me to figure out what it was offering. I had to follow the Lottie animation, the video and read the steps. Should be ways to trim it down, e.g. in the video, quite a bit of time spent was watching you try and copy and paste from numerous notepads. After the first one or two, we get the idea, so you could fade to the final one.

        In the 3 step GIF section, you can probably reduce the text too. It feels superfluous at the moment.

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    I think displaying your 3 Gifs without that shape is much better + you can use to optimize the size of your Gifs :)

    For the grey cards. Change color to white and try to make title + text alignment to center.

    If you are interested we are offering +13 cool Heros pack for FREE :

    You can see a live preview here before downloading the pack:

    Good Luck

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      Love it. Thanka Frontendor for the honest review.

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    looks good but the issue is it's long enough to lose attention. The visitor can skip back on a video. This could be more effective in short bursts.

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      akhilmk Thanks for the honest feedback. Each time I use video, the cards were small and blurry. I will speed the animation a little.

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    Absooutely always lottie before than video. I had one o

    The illustrations that you see, is a lottie but I used the svg...because I was struggling to make it responsive...

    Love lotties though . All the way !

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      Hey Michael. Thanks for the prompt response. Your website didn't load though.

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    Looks good! I can't help but wonder why you aren't dogfooding this though? Your landing page is the perfect place to showcase your product for improving landing pages, no?

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      We are using to give a detailed info about the product. We are uaing our product for the lead gen. If you click try it now. You will see.

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    Nice work. how did you crate the lottie animation? Templates or all self made with After Effects? besides that wouldnt it be awesome if your website visitors could swipe the cards?

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      Hey Jorsoi. My team created the animation on Ae from scratch. Yes, I see your point. we can embed a live campaign that users can swipe in real-time. but always when they click try it now. They will land a live campaign. The landing is not for leads, no email sign-ups, we use the product for leads

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    Those are looking lit.

    I couldn't tell if it's a video or an animation, without paying attention for the first one. One thing tho, it's long like a video and "Tinder-Like" animation steals the attention while I try to focus on right side animation.

    There are some frame drops but IDK it's because I'm currently running a CPU intensive script in the background.

    I liked the shorter ones more, with those masks and stuff.

    Great work. 👍

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      anilkilic. I noticed Lottie animations are heavy on the client's side and lightweight on the server. it eats up the CPU.

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