I’ve been working on this product for the past few months and I finally launched it today on Producthunt! ✨

Simple Tab Suspender acts as a tab suspender and a tab manager for the google chrome browser. An automation extension that helps you manage your open tabs effectively, making it easy to control the tab count and process usage on your computer.

Super helpful for anyone used to opening way too many tabs at once while working or studying online

It suspends tab intelligently according to the time settings you choose. The tabs do not need to appear visible or loaded in order for Simple Tab Suspender to suspend them. Tab suspension occurs as soon as tab is unused for a specific time. ⏰

Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/simple-tab-suspender/iceofolgiblcopdbdpconajapemjhelm/related

Producthunt link: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/simple-tab-suspender

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      Thank you so much! 😊

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    Nice, congrats on the launch! You may be able to post it HERE for more exposure too!

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      Thank you for sharing! I'll definitely post there too 😊

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    Hi, huge congrats for launching!

    My first impression was that I don’t really know what a tab suspender is, and I’m pretty technical. I wonder if you’re open to rewriting some copy to focus on benefits more than features, or in other terms.

    For ex, instead of “a tab suspender… helps you manage your open tabs effectively … and process usage on your computer.”

    Maybe something like “speeds up your computer so you can get things done! It works by putting unused tabs to ‘sleep’ until you need them, so your computer can use its memory on your most important tasks.”

    One method for you could be “5 whys”. Why suspend tabs? To save memory. Why save memory? To make the computer go faster. Why make the computer go faster? Etc.

    Hope you’re open to that feedback, I only share because it’s what I struggle with most.

    Congrats again on the launch, it’s a big deal :)

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      That's a pretty good idea! I won't be able to rewrite the copy immediately but definitely something I am going to add and improve later. Thank you so much for your feedback, always hoping to learn something new and understand from other people's perspective! 😊

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    Congrats on your Product Hunt launch! I've upvoted your product.

    I think with a bit of strategic planning, you can launch again on PH to better results.

    I've got a few case studies that I think would help:


    1. Find a hunter to hunt your product
    • Having a good hunter on your side is like being in pole position on the starting grid of a Formula 1 race. Your chances of finishing first are significantly higher.
    1. Get some beta-users first
    • Build up an email list or some audience before launch. On the day or a few days before the launch, connect with them and ask them for a favour to upvote your launch.
    1. 700+ leads in 24 hours from Product Hunt by segmenting promotional pushes
    • You can check out this summarised case study here


    Don't forget, you can shipped repeatedly on PH.

    You can check out more case studies under the "Product Hunt" or other strategies type that I've curated and summarised at GrowthHunt.co

    Cheers & all the best!

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      Thank you for sharing! Have some other stuff, hoping to launch in the next few months, so this will help a lot 😊

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        I can open up an access to the full database if you are interested. Just drop your email add and complete a quick survey on what type of strategies you would like to read up about on the site and I'll be in touch shortly.


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          That would be great, thank you!

          [email protected]

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            Hi sorry here's the link for you to sign up: https://growthhunt.co/#database


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