Growth November 21, 2020

I’ve built my product... Soooo am I rich now?


I got quite bored last month during lockdown so I decided to build this bonkers little product:

Not quite sure what to do with it now. Marketing? Promo? Product hunt?

Would love to get some feedback 😃

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    I've wanted to build something similar for a long time, but more towards a visual twist. I saw a ted talk a while ago and the guy showed a grid of tiny squares where each represented a week of your life. Seeing it visualised like that it really looks like there's not that much time. Maybe add some visualization?
    I like the £10 once for life. Still seemed a bit high for what it is (just my opinion). It has the capacity to go viral so personally I would lower the price to something trivial (£3 or something).

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    Do I get a refund if I die earlier than predicted?

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    Looks interesting, PH would definitely do no harm. As already mentioned, lower the price and in my opinion add an email example.

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    Product Hunt wouldn't hurt - it's free and as others have mentioned, I see viral potential with it.

    Also, I agree with @fbarnea that lowering the price to an impulse buy level would probably help.

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    Love this idea. Love it even more because of the use of pop your clogs. 🇬🇧

    I agree with fbarnea. This does have viral power. A price reduction would only help that along even more in my opinion. What was your thought process around the pricing?

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    Okay, this is actually pretty creative 😁 about what to do with it, not sure but product hunt wouldn't hurt

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