I’ve cleaned up my startups’ landing page, can you please trash it for me?

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    the "hidden" sentence in the hero is clever, but maybe too clever.

    There's even people in here that didn't get it.

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      I know what you mean @Primer I've been torn about it. But when it clicks it conveys the message almost perfectly like you've said.

      I was thinking about making it more interactive, or animated. That might take away some of the confusion. 🤔

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        Yeah I think some sort of animation after a few seconds. could be as simple as slowly making those words bolder?

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          Yes, or dropping the other words, and bringing the sentence together. Unfortunately that is beyond my immediate skillset, I will need to google around 😅

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      I like the idea but I get a physical headache trying to read it.

      If it was more obvious it would be great.

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      Wow) double-checked it.

      The hidden sentence exists.

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    Hey, @lookasu!

    Looks good, and I really like the fact that the style of the landing page is in line with what your product does! Stripped to the essentials and straight to the point!

    Maybe one suggestion would be to slightly spread out the icons of platforms from which you analyze content and fix the typo on "Out Beta Users Say".

    Have a great day!

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      Thank you @mkrunic, I've just done that, spread the icons, and fixed the typo. Your kind words are very much appreciated! 🙇

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    A few points -

    1. The title should have only 1 text highlight. The multiple pink highlights are too distracting.
    2. The SKIP button might come below the title. I actually pressed the skip button first and it took me to the form. Got a bit lost at that point.
    3. A small video might make more sense in place of the simple 3 steps.
    4. Beta users - the shoutout can be more prominent than the avatar. As of now, I need to focus to read the shoutout as the avatar is taking a lot of precedence.

    All the best for your launch!

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      Maybe I'm misunderstanding you but I think you're missing the point. The pink highlighted words make up another sentence.

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        @Primer, My apologies! I did miss it and Yes - I went to read it again and saw that. 🙈

        In my defense, I think a lot of folks would just skim through the page fast (like i did) and end up missing the point.

        @lookasu I understand what you are trying to do. I will suggest a simple js animation that gets the highlighted text together after a couple of seconds and can keep on looping so people know. Maybe this would solve.

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      Thanks @tanmayratnaparkhe I agree with point 4 I need to look into that 🙇‍♂️

      As @Primer mentioned the highlight is a message inside the "fluff" I was actually hoping that it will "distract" you into reading just the highlights.

      On point 3, yes I definitely need a video, I've been struggling with creating an explainer video for a while now, possibly because I've tried to be "too clever" about it as @Primer suggested in another response. I will revisit this soon.

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    I am about to go asleep after 16 hours coding, so take with a grain of salt:


    You need secondary color other than pink to "crack" the flow (maybe blueish?).

    Use one color for headers, secondary for others.

    I am not sure what exactly the tool does from the header (maybe add a usage example there?).

    Good luck!

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      Thanks @BartBoch, double shift - impressive. I will think about how to incorporate a more clear usage example, or a video/GIF like @Twan suggested!

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    It goes straight to the point, I like it!

    I think it will be a good idea to include a demo video or GIF, showing how it will work with Youtube for example.

    And as @mkrunic pointed out, there's a typo "Out Beta Users Say".

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      Thank you @Twan, I will include a demo/GIF when I release the MVP, I'm trying to build on the "before everyone else" anticipation to get people on the waiting list 🙏

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      @junetic yes, I know, I need to rethink this, it skips you to the sign up was the point.

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    „ No more searching for the good bits of information in digital content.“

    Paragraph right below the headline:
    „Use SKIP to extract, highlight & share the most important parts of any digital content, from videos to podcasts.

    Below that: A Slider or Grid (horizontal, no big height) with Logos of the Platforms with one sentence example, highlighting what kind of contents are supported. F.e. Youtube = video, Podcasts = audio.

    If you want to keep the button:
    use the text with irrelevant fluff and highlight the „good bits“ of what you actually want to communicate.
    Link the button to THAT paragraph. That way it makes sense, it is at least for now a small, abstract demo of what (I think) your product does. Also place it after the headline+paragraph and the logos / examples.

    Next section, instead of your previous paragraph:

    „How much time do you spend filtering out the irrelevant fluff of small pieces distracting you from the big relevant bits of information you need?

    Whether you want to share specific parts of a video or podcast with your followers, parts of a lecture with fellow students, exact excerpts to quote in editorial content, or simply organize your own library (or another word to explain the use case that you mean with „own files“) better. SKIP helps you to always have the relevant info ready to find & share at a moment's notice.“

    Just some ideas, if I misunderstood what SKIP does, sorry.

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    1. if you want to keep the headline, only take the highlighted words. The idea is okay, but the headline should be as short as possible. You are actually just adding „irrelevant fluff“ artificially to create an effect that most people won‘t get and just leads to the problem you‘re ought to solve.

    2. even the highlighted words don‘t make clear what the product actually does.

    3. the testimonials seem fake.m

    4. the „skip“ button is a cool idea but is counterproductive because it does not actually show what your product does. Just adds confusion.

    5. only after reading the text below your photo it‘s becoming clear what the product does. Move it up, use this information as a sub-headline or whatever. But give me this information right away.

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      FYI @x21 I've fixed the sub-headline to reflect exactly what the product does 🙇‍♂️

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      Thank you @x21 for your feedback!

      You are absolutely right on point 2 and 5, I need to reword the sub-headline 🤔

      I also see your point on the "fake" testimonials, they are 100% genuine but if they feel fake then it doesn't really matter 😥

      As for point 4, before the "cleanup" I had a lot more text, and the button took the user down to the graphics, now it's slightly less useful, I will need to rethink this 🙏

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    I feel like a broken record, because my first piece of advice on this channel is almost always the same thing.

    But this page could use a bit more white space. Having everything so packed together makes it hard to read.

    More specifically, having things so close together encourages people (subconsciously) to skim and skip ahead. This isn't what you want in a landing page.

    (Love this concept, by the way!)

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      @NickFreiling would more whitespace be between sections i.e. padding?

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    I don't understand what you are doing and for whom. Are you creating a curated list that social media influencers can tweet out? Or find interesting youtube videos to learn more about a certain topic? It would really help me to have an example.

    It might also help me if I can see a certain customer segment in the beta readers segment. Now it is a student, a professional, and a teacher, but I don't see what they have in common.

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      Hi @timanrebel, it's about finding/marking/curating relevant bits inside existing content (youtube videos, podcasts etc) and then either sharing it (like tweeting, in newsletters etc), or keeping it for yourself/your study group as notes to come back to when you learn/relearn about a certain topic.

      The customer segments are learners/students hence the student and professor, and user researchers like digital sociologists etc

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