I want a blog attached to my website.

I want to attach a blog to jemsplash.com while it is still being developed and after the MVP is launched.

Blogging is great for SEO but, this is a custom built platform.

Should I use Netlify or Wordpress API? What would help with SEO more?

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    Have you looked at Ghost, which can be used standalone or as a (quite brilliant) headless CMS?

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      Ghost is the best but man i had a hard time setting it up! Especially SSL. 😥

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        This is exactly why I offer installations as a service at gloat.dev 😅 It can be hard to get working on a first try for sure.

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    Have you tried ButterCMS? It's a headless CMS with a preconfigured blog engine and full CMS capabilities. It has support for dozens of new technologies so you can plug in a blog, page etc and be up and running in minutes.

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    I use Hugo which is a static website generator and may have a plugin or workflow you can borrow to integrate with Netlify.

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    Whats the content of your blog going to be?

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    Hey! I'm building imprint.to, which just launched on ProductHunt a few days back. The goal is to have the network the Medium provides, while giving you the same control/ownership something like Ghost would give you.

    You'll have a natural audience coming in from Imprint. The difference between this and Medium is that you own your content on Imprint. You can use a custom domain, theme your blog, and have a built in newsletter. And it's free! You can see if it works for you! Here's my sample blog for reference (https://roland.imprint.to).

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    I would go with headless CMS + static site generator Gatsby/Gridsome or 11ty.
    You can then host it on your own server or Nellify/Vercel.

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    WordPress API — www.treaclewp.com, maybe I'm biased :)

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    Hey, try using any static site generator app from here https://www.staticgen.com/

    This way you only need to host static files. Most of them use SEO best practices, although that doesn't mean you're gonna rank #1.

    If you have questions about how you use this you can schedule a call with me and I will try to help you out https://getadvice.github.io/adriano.galello.html

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    I like the landing page, clear & clean
    About the blog, you can check netlifyCMS, free and incredibly powerful for the speed

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    I am not sure about your current stack, but currently jemsplash.com looks like it could be running on top of a static page generator such as Jekyll.

    Personally I'm using Jekyll because of its simplicity. There is no server runtime required, nor extensive front-end coding. It's easy to add additional pieces of content, and because of that it's easy to gradually extend the website over time. I think this lack of complexity is something which will benefit you in these early stages.

    When it comes to SEO I don't really think it matters whether you're using WordPress or any other CMS. As far as I know Netlify is just a hosting platform, so it would depend on what you're planning on using there.

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      Would I have to run it on a subdomain? Heard that isn't good for SEO.

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        If you're using something like AWS, you could use a sub domain and point it to another instance containing the website.

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        I suppose it depends how well it is integrated with the rest of the domain. Integration between different systems can be a pain.

        I'm currently dealing with a situation where a subdomain performs significantly better than the main domain, and which I'm trying to merge back together in a way that they both reap the SEO benefits. When systems flawlessly integrate between one another there shouldn't be too many problems.

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    Many, include me are running away form WordPress because of security issues and time you will waste by maintaining plugins update.
    So I think you should go for netlify.

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      Hearing a lot of good things about Netlify.

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        It because of their free tier . You can host personal projects there.

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