I want to be the perfect cofounder for developers, what should I learn?

I have been developing since I was 14 for fun, but I don’t like it that much anymore. Read here why I stopped.

So now I am looking to work with developers on projects (because I still like it to create stuff), but I would like to work on the business, so my question for developers is what do you need in a cofounder?

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    Marketing without a doubt, it’s something that for the most part us as developers struggle with, we love to build things but once we’ve built it’s a case of then what. That’s where you can come in, marketing and sales funnel building

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      Okay thanks! I will focus on that!

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    Aside from what the other already mentioned bringing in the money.

    Learn some basic (pseudo) programming logic and maybe some SQL queries can help you communicate better with your tech founder.

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      Yeah, I have been developing my own stuff for 5 years now using the usual, HTML/CSS and JS (jQuery), PHP (laravel framework) and ofcourse SQL

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    As a developer I believe the business cofounder needs to know how to bring the money into our pockets ;) Finding the market fit and bringing the customers are the most important skills IMHO.

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      I see, thanks! I will try to get better at that

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    Marketing / sales, fundraising, paperwork, execution, speaking & writing.

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      Good list for me to work on, thanks!

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    that is easy, someone to bring a well funded project :)

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      Ahh I see, so I should be able to find and get investors. Already something for me to focus on. Thanks! 🙌

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        don't thank me yet, that is difficult task especially without having a product or even a MVP, but you asked what will be "perfect" :)

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          Haha, without an MVP or product it will be impossible. But I am trying to figure out what developers need from a partner, so I can work on those things, to research, so I have something to offer.

          In the end it is my goal to help as many developers as I can with making their projects profitable.

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            happy to help if you want to chat with a tech person (contacts in my profile)

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