I want to give up, need advice

Hello, IH. I've developed a web app that is used for downloading given websites with its contents. I tried to make a profit by using ads (Carbon Ads) and donations. But I can only make $0.2/month which is very low.

Now I want to give up and start working on another project. I need advice from you, what can I do in this situation?

My website is: https://getweb.me

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    I don't know much about this space but my first question - why do people want to download websites? Who are the people that want to download websites?

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    You didnt tell me how this would help me..

    Why I need this product...how it could help me make money..save me time..or improve my workflow .

    What are the benefits of using your product..and the price ?

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      It's free. You can download websites using that tool.

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