May 16, 2019

I want to sell my side project, where to start?

Joe Mainwaring @theaccordance

My fun side-project will be shutting down after the final Game of Thrones episode airs this coming sunday, and I'd like to list the property for sale to see if any parties have interest in carrying the baton. The idea to list is a lofty hope, but I do have recorded revenues, traffic, customers, and a brand that's received media attention across the globe. Figured why not give it a try, you know?

I'd welcome advice on where to list & what to advertise, and what to expect through the process should I find an interested suitor.

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    This is funny.

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    In addition to Flippa & 1kProjects, I would add the details about specifically what you're selling (domain, revenue, code/other assets) to this post. Fairly frequently, there are posts here about people wanting to buy projects.

    Good Luck!

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    Haven't you got any press coverages for it? It's lovely :) Anyway, it could work for several TV shows and movies...

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