Coronavirus April 1, 2020

I was just told “layoffs are inevitable” by my company... who else is feeling the squeeze?

Kevin Conti @Kevcon80

Expect pay cuts and layoffs, they said.

I’m now more motivated than ever to start making some money on the side. It’s a nice slap in the face to remember that I’m not in control of my financial fate right now.

Who else has gotten this news from work?

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    yes. i just had to let someone go today. the fucking worst.

    trimming things down is hard... but necessary during these uncertain times.

    let's stay focused.... and empathetic. these are the worst things that leaders have to decide on...and i also know what it's like to get let go... many, many times.


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    Hey, sorry to hear @Kevcon80!

    I was doing consultancy for a startup that was meant to last till 31st of April, but they had to slim down to a skeleton crew, and I had gotten their product ready, only missing slight UX improvements overall, they choose to let me go.

    I'm just lucky that i had already planned for working on a project from May, so it's lost money for me and not a lost job as such.

    I hope it pans out well for you,
    and that you get to keep your side projects as such.

    All the best

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    I'm in the same boat. I was let go last week, so more time and motivation than ever to make a side-hustle work.

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    I know it's hard, but it's also wartime for businesses and tough decisions have to be taken to survive the crisis. Stay positive, Up-skill yourself and ride the wave. Things will definitely get better.

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      It sucks man, stay strong 💪

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        Yes it does, at least is temporary... same to you Kevin.

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