I will build your API backend for free

Hi - I’m Ian, I’ve been building products for 20 years. For the past 7 I’ve been building products exclusively for myself and others.

I’m working on a new backend as a service that makes standing up a robust backend for your mobile, web, and desktop apps a breeze.

I’ve seen all the competitor products: firebase, prismic, sanity, darklang, graphcms, you name it. I’m taking a different approach.

This is a batteries-included, drop dead simple backend that lets you concentrate on product, not infrastructure.

I’ve been wanting to build this product for 5 years ever since I started delving into graph databases. Recent tech advancements here have made a lot of the previous challenges no longer a factor.

I’m looking for a handful of emerging companies who are just starting on dev and want to worry about building frontend applications, not their infrastructure.

I will be as involved as possible, will get your backend live, and all I ask in return is the learnings and testing you can offer along the way.

Thanks so much to everyone who wants to be involved.

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    Where can we have mor info about your backend stack @ianh?
    What is The GraphDb? Neo4j, nebula, dgraph?
    Node, Java, Go, Rust?

    1. 1
      1. I am working on docs, will have them up by end of month. Right now I'm mostly just working 1:1 with devs to see their response to the product.
      2. None of the above ;)
      3. Typescript
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    Hello Ian,
    I'm interested to learn more about you and what you do with API backends - I'm in the tour & travel sector where APIs are a must - I'f you'd like to chat, drop me a line at [email protected]

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    Curious if this can be integrated with something like Webflow 🧐🤔 I'm building something that's like Apple TV, News & the app store combined.

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      This is definitely an integration on my radar. I did a quick search and it seems like you can integrate custom JavaScript into Webflow but it really looks like a huge downgrade from the frontend frameworks we're used to. Currently it would be a huge pain to create a dynamic product using any backend and Webflow, but I guess it's possible.

      On another note, Webflow is great for static landing pages + marketing but I really wouldn't suggest building a product on top of it.

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