I Will Find Your Landing Page Mistake (AKA MONEY PAGE)

Most important page of the website is landing page where the real action happens.

But, I analysed many INDIE HACKERS profiles, most of the product are really lacking on the landing page.


No proper call to action
Signup Here -->Wrong
Grab 1 Month Free Trial. ---> Right

Common Massage
Easy Social Media Automation Tool -->Wrong
Create, Schedule and Measure, 3X Your Productivity --> Right

blah, Blaha...

Here is a Free Solution for IndieHacker member only:

Just mail me or comment below your landing page URL with buyer persona.

And I will send you a FREE FULL LANDING PAGE AUDIT REPORT with Grading and my Personal Comment as a User POV.

No other expectation, just networking with good people by giving real value.

Comment Your thoughts below..

#free_help #free_landingpage_feedback

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    URL: www.featureready.com
    Persona: Product managers / Developers

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      Thank You, John. I am going to analyse your landing page and will send you the report ASAP.

      Where should I send you this?

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