Learning to Code March 24, 2020

I will mentor your programming studies!

Krister Viirsaar @krister

Inspired by a fellow mentor here's something I've always wanted to do: mentoring starting programmers.

There are a ton of resources online, but you will still get stuck. Also, some resources are deceptive. I've seen the most known ones be more of a hindrance to learning. So in my eyes, when starting, a mentor is a must have! Having started alone, it was very painful. To the point where I actually quit for 6 months, because I thought I just wasn't made for it (but actually had wrong tools).

Don't get me wrong - I've actually taught programming courses for over 300 people in university, trainings and custom "code school" meetups.

With my experience here's what works:

  1. You choose a project
  2. I help you choose language/frameworks/helpers
  3. I help you figure out an architecture
  4. Regular meetings to ask questions and see that progress is in the right direction.
  5. Video call with remote desktop, because chat you can anywhere and isn't exactly efficient.

If there are any takers we can schedule our first call. In the unlikely case that there are too many, I may need to limit participants. I mean this is my time and it's free.. so you understand :)

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    Good to see this post right in time. I just started full stack Java Script. Can you please guide me. Thanks.

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    I would love to learn if you're willing to teach. I'm in a coding bootcamp that has abandoned me :(

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    Hey! This is great. I've been learning Python quite actively for 15 months. I know have a really cool project I want to bring to life during the quarantine, which is building a webapp where I can use Python in the backend but need to write a lot of javascript. Which I know nothing about.

    The purpose is to take very important knowledge about our world that is taught in a very dry and boring way -> fun and interactive. The how is essentially populating lots of datasets (static data) on a 3D globe. I think it will be amazing to bring this out to life and would love your guidance.

    My projects never fail due to my lack of drive. That's a guarantee.

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      15 months is already quite a long time. I remember when I had done it for 4 months and scored my first job with that experience. But if you know nothing about JS I can definitely save you some time with that. Also, we may have a topic in common. Anyway - emailed you!

      Also2 - great username :D

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    Sounds Interesting and would be interested to hear from you,

    As they say "Just because you doing lot more doesn't mean you getting lot more done"

    Currently trying to master angular by building a couple of projects (stock market ticker and trading app AND coronavirus tracker), it is easy to get started on something but takes lots of effort and practice to master it.

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      I guess I should have mentioned tech stacks that I admire (React, Svelte, Elixir) and ones I don't (Angular). Really don't want to get into Angular. Sorry :)

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    Would definitely be interested in getting direction from you! Currently working on an RDMS for a manufacturing company using Python, Tkinter and PyQt5 and SQLite3. Looking to learn more about and eventually create an SaaS business.

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      What's RDMS? In any case perhaps I can be of help. You haven't filled out your contact info in your profile though. Reach me on my email and we'll set a call.

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    This sounds awesome. I'm still a beginner and unable to think completely like a programmer. I'm interested in making a dynamic website completely in react.js

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      Cool, seems like a fit. You haven't listed an email, so reach me at mine and we'll set up a call!

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    That is wonderful of you, I am about to pick a project in a couple of days (still deciding) and would love some guidance, I want something real to work on that will also be a great addition to my website portfolio, can I reach out when ready?

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      Cool. I'd love to help you choose. Sent you an email.

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    @krister that's so nice of you.

    Exactly, what we doing at https://horizontech.dev (for completely free)

    We are a bunch of engineers helping aspiring ones. If this is something interesting we would love to talk.

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      uhmm, why not. not super into using a product for this, but who knows. get my email and let's schedule a call.

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    I'd be interested but I am not a newbie. I'd say I'm around mid level with a lot of gaps. I'm good at problem solving but lack the technological depth that you'd get at a company (I freelance mainly).

    Couple of projects I've been working on and trying to finish:

    Dating site

    • I'm using next.js, Material UI, Sequelize/Postgresql, and Redux for this. I've managed to create most of the UI and the database, but there are huge questions about how all this middleware works and how to manage authentication, authorization and sessions, with passport.js or my own solution. How do I structure my database to manage large collections of emails. How do I save uploaded images to the server and how to retrieve them. What about costs/ hosting. All these kinds of questions end up taking me so much time to research. Maybe with a mentor I could figure them out faster.

    HTML5 Multiplayer Game

    • I'm using Phaser.js for the game logic, and Node.js/Socket.io to manage the game servers and send real-time updates. After doing a lot of research on lag compensation, client interpolation, I'm still a bit stuck on the implementation side of things. Also, with regards to collision detection for polygons, I'm still trying to figure out how to do this on the server side.
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      yeah you sound to be pretty much the same as me - smarter in regard of Phaser for sure (as I've never used that). I also regard myself as a mid-level. Got 6 years under me. I think the research you're doing means you are a proper developer and I would probably have to do research as well, so I'm no use here it seems.

      I would like to save some time with images however: if you're serious about your app you need to use an image server. One that can return correctly sized images with domain.com/image.jpg?w=100 type queries. There are open source options and also paid ones.

      Anyway, I don't think I can be of help to you, sorry :)

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        Ok cool, I think once those essentials are mastered it'd be easier in the future to repeat the process. Patience is the key I supose.

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          I was thinking about your tasks. And honestly I've decided on the "Passport or roll my own" multiple times and I still don't know the answer.. It seems to me that in time comes depth and you can look at problems from new angles, but some can't really be solved. On the other hand, there definitely is a more performant way to do SQL queries for example. But you're well on your way.

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