Landing Page Feedback February 21, 2020

I will review your LP in exchange for your help with our launch

Kyrylo Taranenko @KyTa

Hi Hackers!

TL;DR: I offer to review your landing page and provide feedback in exchange for your support in our launch on PH.

I work in the industry for 5 years or so and have launched my own product in the past (Y-Productive). My main expertise is in branding, crafting a compelling story and clearly communicating it to the visitors of your LP. I am a fan of the so-called "visual storytelling" when the illustrations and other media assets like video play a more important role in conveying the message than text.

As an IndieHacker, I also understand that this method requires either time or at least some money to implement, so it's important to maintain a balance when you're indie.

I offer to give a look at your LP and suggest quick wins based on what you already have (if it's possible), or hint you a spot which would give the most benefit for the effort of improving it.

In exchange, please follow our Upcoming page and support us on our launch day in about a month (we'll remind you!).

UPDATE: It seems that my advice actually helps people - for example, One Profile took the #1 Product of the Day on PH (congrats, @quabil), so I would love to follow up on this for a while. Feel free to post your links!

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    To kickstart this and get you an idea of what I offer, I shared a couple of such reviews ahead.

    @Ertugrul please find my feedback about your LP and the suggestions for improvement by the link below:

    The shared screen may take a couple of minutes to upload as I captured the whole page. Let me know if you find my advice helpful!

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      I found each of your recommendations super useful, and I've already implemented some of them right away. I'll def look into the rest in due course. Greatly appreciated!

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        Thanks, glad to be of help!

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    Does anyone else wish to receive feedback for their landing pages? I'd be glad to exchange favors - feel free to post the link to your website and subscribe to our Upcoming page.

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    Hi Kyrylo, happy to help you launch. Wouldn't mind giving your extension a try too since one of my clients uses whatsapp a lot for customer service. Maybe it will be a fit?

    Also, any feedback on my landing page will be much appreciated:

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      @navpar here you go:

      In short, your main page features too many things in the wrong order. I'd suggest deciding on what is the main conversion you want to achieve with this page (e.g. Registration or Search) and focus on achieving it.

      I suspect that in your case the first step would be Search. I provided my suggestions on how to improve it by the link above (give it a couple of minutes to load).

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        Thank you so much. You have really put in a lot of effort. Much appreciated. I will incorporate your comments soon.

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      Hey @navpar. I appreciate your help! Sure, let me get a look at your LP - I will post my feedback soon.

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    Hey @qabil! Find my suggestions on how you may improve the LP for OneProfile below:

    Your page is quite big so give the link a couple of minutes to load. Let me know if you like my advice! I would also appreciate your support upon the launch (see the op).

    I hope it proves useful!

    P.S. I feel your product is great as I get the need for the digital representation of a persona in our age. It's just too much of everything on the page - a visitor only has this much attention and time to learn the value. Be aware of the attention and scroll fatigue!

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      Hey, @KyTa! Sorry for the slow reply, and thank you so much for taking the time to write a feedback! It was very useful and I've already pushed an update to the site reflecting the changes. Still doing some work on it though!

      As a thank you: if you've already created an account on One Profile, you can share with me your profile page link and I'll upgrade your account for free :)

      Subscribed to your Ship on PH! All the best!

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        @qabil Thanks for the feedback and the offer as well! Actually, I did create the profile on OnePage - a nice experience. I have seen you launched on PH already - shared my feedback there and left a feature request! ;)

        Here's my page (unpublished):

        By the way, how do I contact you if I will have more feedback to share? Is it by chat on chatra or should I use something else?

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          Thanks, Kyrylo! You're such a star, I'm so grateful for the feedback. Yeap, you can use the Chat Support or via the feedback form (If you place your cursor on your avatar on the top right, there's a dropdown list. Click on Give Feedback)

          Anyway, I've upgraded your account, enjoy! :D

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    @StartupJas here are my suggestions to improve the page:

    The shared screen may take a while to load, so give it a minute.

    Let me know if you find my advice useful! If you do, I would appreciate your support upon launch!

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