Learning to Code September 17, 2020

I would like to ask if it's important to learn coding


Is it important to learn coding when I can create apps and websites with no code development too

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    I'll chime in with another comment to only learn to code if you want to learn to code.

    If you're a solo founder and hoping to build at least your MVP on a no-code stack, you may end up needing to learn some basics which will most likely be in the realm of CSS and HTML. But it's probably fine in that case to learn those things on an as-needed basis.

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    With many many years of coding experience to back up, I will tell you this -
    DO NOT learn to code, if you want to create a website or an app for the purpose of business. You would be better off partnering with someone who already knows coding and you can focus on 1001 other things that need to be done in the business.
    DO learn to code if you find it interesting and/or you want to help others build software (do software programming as a job or business).

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      Oh!!! Thanks for this information. Partnering with someone who already knows coding? Are you referring to no code development platforms like bubble, glide etc?

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        I think OP is saying there's a lot of stuff to do when starting a business, that you don't need the extra challenge of learning to code.
        So it depends on the context of your question:

        • should you learn to code with the goal of creating a business -> NO
        • should you learn to code as a long term investment in yourself -> YES
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          Thanks for the clarity. I appreciate dearly.

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    If you go with tools like Bubble, at least you'll learn useful programming principles. So don't think that you're not learning coding by using tools like Bubble. Often these "no-code" tools have a lot of coding principles behind them. Then if you transition to coding, all you'll need to learn is the syntax + a few more concepts.

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      Okay. Thanks for the enlightenment

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