Ideas and Validation December 1, 2019

Idea: A platform to manage employee performance & engagement

John Nguyen @luanng1411

Hi guys! I'm having an idea about a platform to help startups, SMEs to be able to manage employee performance (OKRs, review, etc...) and engagement (feedback, recognition, survey, etc...).

I've researched and found some names such as: Officevibe, 15five, etc... So if you guys already used one of the above platforms, then what you think could be improved? Or you guys have any suggestions for the idea? Many thanks

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    You should go on the 15Five Capterra page and read through the customer reviews. They have over 700 reviews and you can get to know the things customers like (Pros section) and the things they do not like (Cons section) pretty quickly there.

    Here's the link:

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      Great, many thanks. I'll definitely go through all the reviews. But just asking, have you used this kind of platform before?

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    The most common one I've heard of is but not sure if they do what you're thinking. I've certainly heard a lot of complaints around speed, usability, and complexity of WorkDay.

    I'm thinking about doin an HR/hiring/applicant app. One of the thoughts I had was "wouldn't it be nice if your job applicants flowed right through to your OKR app". Basically, if a job applicant says "I can write Java" then that should flow through to their performance management when they are hired if it turns out they have misrepresented their abilities.

    I'm waiting until Jan to talk to a friend about partnering on my idea but if you think it makes sense to combine with yours we could chat about it.

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      Many thanks for your comment. I've just checked Workday but it seems not really match with my idea. My idea is just a simple platform for startups, SMEs, etc.. can easy to manage their employee performance & engagement.

      Also thanks for sharing your idea, it really interesting.

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