[Idea] App to share files, set expiration, and track access. Thoughts?

I've got an idea for a web app to facilitate sharing of business documents.

Functionality would include:

  • Ability to upload any file onto the cloud
  • Share file(s) with a recipient by email or phone number
  • Set link expiry date (file would vanish)
  • Set password protection to view or download
  • Ability to monitor the log of views and downloads
  • Create rules around access revocation (time or event-based)

I foresee this web app to be used in industries where files with somewhat sensitive information are constantly being exchanged (i.e. financial reports & statements, medical records, product mockups etc).

What are your thoughts? Would you use it? If so, what's your use case?
(P.s. if the post gets 50 upvotes, I'm going to build it over the weekend 🤞)

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