April 4, 2019

Idea Feedback - Instantly follow anyone who signs up to your product on social


It occurred to me that there’s some value in following my users, they tend to follow my profiles and it’s a good engagement channel.

Would you use an API that you call when a user signs up, find their social profiles OR the profile of their business / company and auto follow those across FB, Twitter, Instagram etc? Could also be applied to E-Commerce, Shopify etc signups. Thanks


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    Oh I like where this is going... but maybe not a follow, what about a @reply I could see when someone signs up for trial or demo giving them a shout out and reply from our main twitter account to get them into a conversation Saying something like "@you thanks for checking us out what do you hope to get out of the trial"

    Maybe it can mix up some on rotation or limit some so it doesn't look too spammy from the account.

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    I think this is more of a feature for an existing CRM/Marketing platform. Companies would like a complete, '360 degree' view of their leads/customers etc. and this sort of achieves that at the most basic level.

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    I don't care much about following them. But the underlying technology which takes a user's email address and gives me all their social profiles is interesting to me. I would find value in that, and would consider paying.

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      Agreed on this route. Sure I could do the work but why not automate it!

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    I think it's an interesting idea, you could use Clearbit Enrich or maybe Snov API for all user signups, then build a script to automatically follow on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn.

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    I know there are products out there that do this.

    Personally, I wouldn't want this.

    Or at least I don't see the value yet.

    What pain are you solving for me as a business owner? How will this make my life better/easier?

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