May 10, 2019

Idea Feedback: Smart Wearables don’t do enough with data....


I’ve recently been trying to look after my health a lot more from tracking sleep, blood pressure, weight etc. However all this data just sits in apple health and is collected from a variety of devices/apps. Whilst I can track metrics going up and down, I don’t feel like there are any actionable insights and none of the data is combined with other sources of data such as location.

The idea for the app would be: A privacy centric personalised health coach that provides actionable insights from multiple sources of data.

You would set goals such as reduce back pain, or reduce blood pressure. And we would provide actionable insights to help you reach those goals, based on the data you provide.

For example say I wanted to alleviate chronic back pain and high blood pressure. My phone knows how long I’ve been at work, it’s a desk job(minimal movement has been tracked). I might get a reminder to standup from an Apple Watch but that’s not at all tailored to the conditionsI have. We can tailor notifications of exercises to do based on your movement that day, restaurants nearby that provide low salt foods, or recipes etc.

I was wondering is this a problem people think is worth solving?

If you currently have wearables do you feel like your data is being fully utilised?

What would you like to see from your Apple Watch or Fitbit?

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    I completely agree with this. I don't think that we are using the data to its capabilities to help improve people's lives. I believe it is a problem worth solving if it has a great UI and something people want to use and notice results. Is this something you're still working on/thinking about?

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    I'm not too familiar with the space, but some quick googling seems to indicate that solutions already exist that give you actionable insights from health data. That's not to say that there isn't an opportunity here, but you need to address the question of how you're different and how you're going to penetrate that market.

    Another thought I have is that the big problem is rarely a lack of knowledge, the big problem is willpower to follow through on things you know you should be doing: getting enough sleep (such that you don't need an alarm to wake up), eating lots of veggies and unprocessed foods, exercise, not sitting for too long, meditation, taking care of your mental health, etc. etc. What sorts of actionable insights would people not already know they should be doing?