May 3, 2019

Idea Validation and Feedback: Audit trails made easy


Hey all-

A couple of us have been working on a rough idea that is essentially:

Any B2B technology of company of sufficient size runs into the requirement that they maintain audit logs. Auditia wants to solve this problem by providing an easy-to-use, easy-to-setup, secure (compliant!), elegant alternative to rolling your own audit functionality. Can be used as a customer facing feature, or just for internal security compliance purposes.

Marketing website here:

Any feedback would be most welcome!

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    Oh my god, I was just spitballing this idea with my coworkers... a few times a year we complain about our homegrown solution.

    So in a word, is this useful? Yes. Absolutely. I'm not saying my company would rip out it's audit code and use your system, but if we were starting over... maybe?

    The devil will be in the details. As an engineer:

    • How easy is this to install?
    • What new components do I need to setup (servers, S3 buckets, etc).
    • How do I audit an entire model?
    • Can that auditing include an "actor"
    • Is this transactional?
    • What languages does this support?
    • Does this support my DB?

    As a product owner:

    • Where does the data live?
    • Who has access to my logs?
    • Can I view the logs, potentially inline with my product?
    • Does this meet the compliance requirements I need to live by?

    So, yes, if you want validation for this, you've got it. Not sure what pricing would make this "worth" it for me, but I could easily see my team willing to spend $100+/mo for a 40-user internal app that needs this level of auditing.

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      Hey @SoulOfTheGods

      Thanks so much for the thoughtful reply. I think your questions are spot on and really are the same questions we are asking as we begin to implement. We were (are?) both engineering execs and felt this problem pretty acutely. Would love to pickup the conversation via email: [email protected]

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    Compliance automation is something I would have paid for last year with a product I was responsible for. Being able to automatically capture & document events for compliance, and notify stakeholders if an action is required on their part would have saved me at least a week's worth of effort in 2018.

    Another opportunity I see here - the chance to help people set up their compliance controls from the start

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      Thanks for the feedback. Compliance (as a whole) is a big PITA, and maybe over the long term this evolves to service a usecase like that.

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    ~ Best

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